Customized facial lift tape manufacturer


Aupcon is a facial lift tape manufacturer specifically designed for sensitive skin on face and neck.

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Customized facial lift tape manufacturer


Aupcon is a facial lift tape manufacturer specifically designed for sensitive skin on face and neck.

1. Specifications of facial tape

  • Material:95% Cotton+5%Spandex
  • Product length:Approx 5m
  • Product width:2.5cm/3.8cm/5cm
  • Product weight:About 45g/66g/87g/roll

2. Features of facial tape

  • Facial Myofascial Lift Tape
  • Anti-Wrinkle & Face Lift
  • Easy to Use & Free Latex
  • V Line & V Neck Lifting

Additional Information

1. For the best skin rejuvenating treatment results. 2 hours at a time is recommended.
2. Do not stretch the ends of the tape, stretch only the middle part.
3. Do not use if redness, swelling, tingling or allergy occurs.
4. We recommend moisturizing the skin with lotion first, especially for dry skin (which also comes off easily), but don’t apply too many oil-based skin care products so that the face tape doesn’t lose stickiness.


Q: There are several reasons for the occurrence of allergies.
A: Long time wearing.
Wrong operation.
Use during periods of skin sensitivity.

Q: How long should I wear?
A: DO NOT wear the face tape overnight! The optimal wearing time is 2 hours.

Q: How to take it off?
A: Wet the tape with warm water or oil product which helps prevent skin being torn, and gently rubbing the tape while removing it. Too fast could cause injury.


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