El papel de la cinta deportiva durante el ciclismo.

For all of you who are still cycling, this article is for you. We wanted to take a moment to examine cinta deportiva and its many practical uses for road cyclists.
Professional road cyclists have been using kinesiology tape on their rides for years!

How sport tape work

sport tape are stretchy and usually made of nylon and cotton blends. It doesn’t irritate or immobilize the area like sports tape.

Perhaps you’ve watched athletes wear sport tape at various events—athletes with colored tape on their shoulders, knees, back, and even abdomen? Or maybe along their arms and legs?

cinta deportiva

Ergonomic tapes can be used on many different parts of the body, depending on where the injury is or where support is needed.
Tape can be applied in an X, Y, I or fan pattern, each with a different effect.

For road cyclists, one of the most common uses of kinesiology tape is to treat existing knee pain and minimize it while riding.

Easily apply sport tape to the areas you need and experience the benefits while you ride or any other activity.

faster recovery time

Ergonomic tape promotes faster recovery by promoting blood circulation and reducing inflammation.
Increased circulation means faster transfer of nutrients and oxygen to the area, and faster removal of lactic acid.

When you apply sport tape to an area, it lifts your skin slightly, creating a micro-space under the joint or skin.

It has been found that tape may alter the way your body processes information about pain in your sensory nervous system, reducing its intensity and impact on the mind and body.

Wuxi Wemade healthcare Products Co., Ltd offers a free Kinesiology Tape Guide to show you how to properly apply tape before your event.

The Kinesiology Tape is available in a variety of colors and comes with an 82-page e-Guide to Using Kinesiology Tape.

Our shipping department is fully operational: you can order the tape by clicking here and you will receive your guide and sport tape, 100% satisfaction guaranteed – if for some reason the tape doesn’t work for you, please send it back to get a full refund and keep the guide.

In addition to cycling, you can find the support you need for running, swimming, and all your other favorite activities!

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