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Boob tape is a fabric tape specially designed for immobilizing breasts with high viscosity and good durability. It is a kind of kinesiology tape, but to protect the delicate skin of the chest, we chose a medical glue with lower allergies for bra tape. It may also be called athletic tape for boobs, body tape for boobs, or boob adhesive tape. Body tape for boobs is often used in conjunction with nipple covers. It works especially well and is available in color boxes and paper tubes.  

boob tape


Boob tape is an alternative to a bra, especially when wearing revealing clothing such as low-cut or backless clothing. The straps may slip off and make you feel embarrassed. Bra tape will not do this due to its strong adhesive properties.
The bra tape is waterproof and sweatproof and can be cut freely to suit different clothing needs. Suitable for wedding dresses, evening gowns, V tops, swimwear, backless strapless dresses, active yoga, and everyday casual wear.

Usually, 5cm*5m bra tape is more popular because it fits most people’s chests, and this size can be used even with large breasts. Just use a few more strips. If you have smaller breasts, the large size is not recommended, as being too wide will make you feel uncomfortable.

We are very professional in making customization on the boob tape,  If you need mass customization, as long as you provide us with the customization plan you want, We will do our best to meet your needs.

Material – 95% cotton + 5% spandex

Color – Skin, light skin, new skin, tan, brown, coffee, black, white, baby pink and customized color

Size – 5cm*5m,7.5cm*5m,10cm*5m,custom size

Glue – Acrylic glue/Henkel glue

Package – Color box/paper tube

Product Weight – About 89g/168g/175g/ roll







Different shapes can be cut

Good breast lift

Safe and non-toxic



Improve Temperament

Chest stickers can make the chest bigger and straighter, increase the dressing of the whole person, and improve temperament.

Immobilize Breast
Prevent breasts from dangling when walking or exercising, affecting normal walking or exercise performance.

Breast Lift
Make your sagging breasts look firmer.

Increase Cleavage
Push your expanded breasts toward the middle to make your cleavage deeper and make your breasts look fuller.



Do I need to do any preparation work before sticking body tape for the breasts?

Before wearing the bra, be sure to clean the chest skin first. Sweat, grease, and other dirt on the skin will easily affect the stickiness of the bra and even cause the bra to slip.

What is boob tape?

Boob Tape is the original breast augmentation tape designed to lift the breasts into an ideal position under clothing, enhancing cleavage.

How does it work?

When the breasts are placed where desired, Boob tape creates breast cleavage and creates support under clothing so that the breasts can be lifted without having to wear a bra, which has the same elasticity as the skin. The alluring tape supports your breasts and moves in a natural way, perfect under tricky clothing.

How is boob adhesive tape different from other breast lift products?

The biggest feature of Boob tape is that it comes in rolls, and you can cut the length according to your size to reduce waste. Have you ever noticed that other products on the market that claim to lift breasts don’t hold them in place? Boob tape has enough strength to hold breasts in place and is durable all day long.


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