come usare il nastro kinesiologico sul ginocchio

come usare il nastro kinesiologico sul ginocchio

Have you ever seen a few colorful tapes on someone’s knee or leg, such as a marathon runner or a basketball or football player? Are you wondering what this is? It is kinesiology tape for knee. What is kinesiology tape? How to use kinesiology tape on knee? does kinesiology tape work for knee pain? how does kt tape work on knee? let me tell you.

KT-tape for calf
KT-tape for calf
How to use kinesiology tape on knee
KT-tape for knee

What is kinesiology tape for knee?

Kinesiology tape (KT tape) is an elastic tape used to support muscles, relieve pain, and promote recovery. It is made of a thin, soft cotton Kinesiology tape (KT tape) is an elastic tape used to support muscles, relieve pain and promote recovery. It is made of a thin, soft cotton or polyester fiber with similar elasticity and thickness to skin, and is coated with an adhesive.

cotton waterproof  kinesiology tape for knee
waterproof kinesiology tape for knee

KT tape was originally invented by an acupuncturist in Japan to provide a drug-free treatment for athletes after injury. Its design is inspired by the anatomy and kinematics of the human body to simulate the natural movement of muscles and joints, providing support and stability. Made of cellulose or polyester fiber, has the elasticity and thickness similar to skin, and is coated with a layer of adhesive.

Kinesiology tape for knee is kinesiology tape for knee. It can help provide extra support and stability, reduce knee pain and discomfort, and help speed recovery.

KT tape

how does kt tape work on knee?

The principle of kinesiology tape is based on the principles of human anatomy and muscle kinematics. It can help improve the body’s posture and motor control, relieve pain and discomfort, and facilitate recovery.

For example:

Muscle Support: Ergonomic tape can provide additional muscle support. When you are tired, you want to find a chair to sit on or lean against a wall. Your muscles are the same. When they are tired, they also want to find something to lean on. Kinesiology tape is like this Existence, it can rely on its own elasticity to effectively distribute the force on the muscles to other places, thus reducing fatigue.

Muscle function: Ergonomic tape can promote muscle function. Kinesiology tape itself has great elasticity, which can promote muscle contraction and relaxation by changing the tension and direction of the tape, thereby helping to improve muscle strength and flexibility.

Blood circulation and lymph flow: Ergonomic tape can change the folds of the skin itself to promote blood circulation and lymph flow. It can help improve local blood circulation and lymph flow, which reduces swelling and inflammation.

How kinesiology tape works?

Pain Relief: Ergonomic tape can help relieve pain and discomfort. When you are injured, your first reaction must be to cover it with your hands, because this behavior can reduce the sensitivity of your skin and make you feel very comfortable. The principle of kinesiology tape is the same. It can reduce skin sensitivity and make you feel less painful, just like putting a hand on it.

does kinesiology tape work for knee pain?

Yes, it is very helpful for knee pain.

Knee pain can have many causes, some of which may be:

Injury or Trauma: The soft tissue and bony structures around the knee can be injured or traumatized from impacts, falls, sprains, or strains, causing pain and discomfort.

Overuse: Excessive use of the knee may cause damage and fatigue to the muscles, ligaments and tendons, causing pain and discomfort, such as marathon runners, football players, basketball players and other professional athletes often have this situation during training.

Inflammation and disease: Inflammation and disease such as arthritis, synovitis, and osteoporosis can cause knee pain.

Muscle imbalances: Muscle imbalances, or incoordination between muscle groups, can cause knee pain, such as damage or fatigue in the muscles of the hip or ankle.

Age and Degeneration: As you age, the knee joint and soft tissues may degenerate and wear down, causing pain and discomfort.

Obesity: Obesity can increase the burden and pressure on the knees, causing pain and discomfort.

Lifestyle and posture: Poor lifestyle and posture, such as prolonged periods of standing, sitting, or walking, can also cause knee pain.

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Knowing why the knee hurts, combined with the working principle of kinesiology tape, you should also be able to understand why you should use kinesiology tape for knee. So how to use kinesiology tape on knee?

How to use kinesiology tape on knee?

Typically, kinesiology tape on knee is applied by first cleansing the skin, then applying the tape around the knee, covering and supporting the knee with proper tension and technique, providing extra stability and support. This can help reduce discomfort and pain in the knee, while also promoting circulation and lymph flow, which can help reduce swelling and inflammation.

Different parts have different sticking methods. Below we have sorted out some different sticking methods for different parts. You can refer to them:

How to use kinesiology tape on knee
How to apply kinesiology tape on knee
KT tape on knee
how to use KT tape

It is important to note that kinesiology tape on knee is not a cure-all and is not a substitute for healthcare or physical therapy. If you have severe or persistent knee pain, you should seek the advice of a doctor or physical therapist for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

kinesiology tape knee where to buy?

kinesiology tape on knee can be purchased from many places, including:

Sporting Goods Stores: Many sporting goods stores carry knee kinesiology tape as well as other exercise-related products.

Online retailers: There are many online retailers that specialize in kinesiology tapes, such as Amazon, Walmart, and CVS.

Medical supply stores: Medical supply stores may also sell kinesiology tape, as it is often used in physical therapy and rehabilitation

If your usage is relatively large, you can directly find the manufacturer to purchase. There are many manufacturers specializing in the production of kinesiology tape in China, such as AUPCON MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY (WUXI) CO., LTD, etc. We can provide OEM or ODM. We have more than ten years With advanced production experience, we can provide you with the most professional customized service. If you are an individual buyer, our MOQ is one carton.

When shopping for kinesiology tape, it’s important to make sure you’re getting a quality product from a reputable source. Look for tape designed specifically for knee injuries and made from high-quality materials. Also, be sure to follow directions carefully to ensure you get the most out of your tape.


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