Use kinesiology tape for wrinkles to Reduce Facial Wrinkles

If you want to know how to use kinesiology tape for wrinkles to remove wrinkles, you should first understand what wrinkles are and where they appear. For details, please see the next paragraph. Here are some good ways to stick them on your face to remove wrinkles .

To reduce forehead wrinkles, first prepare a roll of kinesiology tape for wrinkles, spread out the wrinkles with your fingers, and stick the tape in the middle of the wrinkles.The wrinkles on the forehead are bigger than the wrinkles around the eyes or the corners of the lips. the tape used is also a bit more, to cover the wrinkles in place.

Use the center as the benchmark to stick a few pieces on both sides, and the number of sticks is based on your actual situation, as shown in the figure below. If there is still a Sichuan pattern, you can use the V-shaped sticking method in the picture, which can effectively reduce the Sichuan pattern.

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kinesiology tape for wrinkles
kinesiology tape for face

Why do wrinkles form?

There are many reasons for the formation of wrinkles, such as age, mood, work and rest, and other uncontrollable factors will cause wrinkles. Here is a list of how common wrinkles are formed.

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The first type, forehead lines

Forehead lines are typical dynamic wrinkles, which are formed due to excessive contraction of the forehead muscles. It is also one of the first true wrinkles on the face. People with forehead wrinkles tend to give people the feeling of aging and toil.

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The second type, Chuanzi lines

Chuanzi lines are the lines between the two eyebrows, which are produced by frowning and other actions, and are also dynamic wrinkles. Chuanzi pattern will leave a depressive, gloomy and painful impression on people.

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The third type, eye wrinkles

Eye wrinkles include crow’s feet and eye bags. The skin around the eyes contains only a small amount of fat and is the thinnest skin on the face. It is prone to edema and is extremely fragile. The first wrinkles we notice on the face are usually crow’s feet.

The fourth type, decree pattern

The decree pattern are located on both sides of the nasolabial area. There are two symmetrical stripes extending from both sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth. There is a phenomenon of depression on the skin surface.

The fifth type, neck stripes

The neck has always been an area that is easily overlooked, but in fact the neck skin is thinner than the face, and wrinkles are more likely to form in autumn and winter.

The skin on the neck is very thin and fragile, especially the number of sebaceous glands and sweat glands in the skin on the front of the neck is only one-third of that of the face, so the sebum secretion is less, and it is more prone to lack of water and wrinkles. There are usually two types of wrinkles on the neck, one is early aging wrinkles, which begin to appear in teenagers, and these wrinkles are usually not obvious.

Another type of wrinkle develops with age and can be very noticeable. Especially if you usually have a “fixed” sitting posture, lack of exercise, and gain weight, the lines will appear early. Year after year, the neck will also appear loose, dehydrated, and have a reduced sense of contour.

neck stripes

The above are the reasons for the formation of some wrinkles that have been summarized. If you want to improve, you can try to use kinesiology tape for wrinkles for wrinkles. Using the right method will really be very effective.

Can you put kinesiology tape for wrinkles on your face?

Of course. The kinesiology tape can also be called a kinesiology tape for wrinkles. The material and effect maintain the characteristics of the kinesiology tape. so it can be attached to the face, the size is also changed to 1cm*1m.

It is more convenient and effective for people in need to fit on the place where wrinkles need to be removed on the face, and the kinesiology tape for wrinkles is made of 95% cotton + 5% spandex yarn, the comfort is improved, and the irritation to the face is greatly reduced, and the effect is very good when used.

Does kinesiology tape work for wrinkles?

kinesiology tape is effective for facial wrinkle removal, it can promote lymphatic and blood circulation, and reduce the irritating substances that cause pain. The kinesiology tape for wrinkles can relieve muscle tension and fatigue, and support weak muscle tissue. If used in conjunction with the correct method of sticking, it can reduce pain, swelling, promote recovery and wrinkle removal.

kinesiology tape for wrinkles

What is the best tape to prevent wrinkles?

The best kinesiology tape for wrinkles varies from person to person. This cannot be inferred, because it needs to be judged from many aspects,  only after using it will you have your own In conclusion, here I recommend a face sticker for you, which is produced by the aupcon factory. Aupcon has been established for more than ten years.

The quality and cost performance of the kinesiology tape for wrinkles produced are also very impressive. The quality inspection and delivery are done quite well, and we also provide customized services. As long as you provide the customization you want, we will definitely try our best to give you the best solution, because we have made orders from many countries and obtained There are also many good reviews, so there is no need to worry about the product . It is also recommended that you try it. Definitely good to use.

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