Cotton kinesiology tape


Material – cotton kinesiology tape is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex + Japanese acrylic glue.

Color – Regular colors are skin tones, blue, pink and black, colors shipped are random.For corporate users, we have 24 other different colors to choose from, please refer to the color card.

Size – The delivery size of the order taken is 5cm*5m.Various sizes are available for corporate users, 2.5cm, 3.8cm, 5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm

Function – Its main function is to bear damage on behalf of the skin, relieve muscle soreness, and support joints.

Advantages – Compared with zinc oxide sports tape, the biggest advantage of cotton kinesiology tape is that it is highly elastic and supports joints without restricting movement.

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Cotton kinesiology tape



Cotton kinesiology tape is woven from natural cotton and spandex filaments with hypoallergenic acrylic glue.It may also be called kinesiology muscles pain relief tape or sports physical therapy tape.

The material of kinesiology muscles pain relief tape can be roughly divided into three types, one is rayon kinesiology tape, the other is nylon kinesiology tape, and the best selling is cotton kinesiology tape. Compared with the other two materials, cotton material is more skin-friendly, which is the same as choosing clothes. Pure cotton clothes are more comfortable to wear and have better water absorption, even if you sweat not feeling well. The comfort and elasticity of cotton kinesiology tape are also the best.

Cotton kinesiology tape is usually uncut rolls, you can cut it according to your needs. Of course, if it is not convenient for you to bring scissors, you can also choose our pre cut kinesiology tape.


Waterproof and breathable

With graduation on the back, convenient to cut

Non-restrictive, allowing for a full range of motion

Using 100% medical glue, no worry about allergy

The wave pattern adhesive backing moves with the skin and muscles

Relaxing overused tired muscles and supporting muscles movement

Improving the body’s natural healing process by helping to increase blood flow around the muscle



Protect Skin And Prevent Abrasions

When football players use cotton kinesiology tape, they often use it to wrap elbows, palms, knees or ankles, because these parts are very prone to injury. When football players run on the lawn, they often slip or get knocked down. These parts touch the lawn and are often bruised. Kinesiology tape football can be attached to the body like a second skin, taking the damage instead of your skin when you fall.

Relief  Muscles Pain,Promote Recovery

When you are injured from a lot of exercise, your muscles may be sore, and cotton kinesiology tape can also help you relieve this pain. Because it is very elastic, after being stretched, it can form a certain pressure on the skin, just like a hand is pressing, so that your pain can be relieved.

Fixing Joints,Improve stability

Cotton kinesiology tape has many other functions, such as fixing joints or promoting blood circulation.

In short,cotton kinesiology tape is very versatile and can be used by most athletes. However, when used in different occasions, they may be called different names. For example, football players call it kinesiology tape football or kinesiology tape soccer; basketball players call it kinesiology tape for basketball or muscle tape basketball; different groups of people may have different search habits, but what they want is actually the same.


What is the difference between Cotton and Synthetic kinesiology tape, nylon kinesiology tape?

There are three most common muscle tapes on the market, one is made of pure Cotton, the other is made of rayon, and the other is made of nylon.






More skin-friendly and breathable

More wear-resistant and less prone to pilling

Smoother and more delicate


One-way stretch

One-way stretch

Stretch in any direction


No gloss, but the color is more natural

Bright color, best gloss

Glossy, but not obvious


It has certain waterproof properties and will not fall off when exposed to water. It is suitable for all sports.

It has the best water resistance and dries easily after getting wet, making it more suitable for swimming, diving, surfing and other water sports.

The smooth surface reduces resistance between clothing and skin, making it suitable for use during sports or strenuous exercise.

These three materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, and there is no distinction between good and bad. When choosing, you need to choose according to the characteristics of the three materials, combined with your own needs and application occasions.


Why do sports physical therapy tape come in different colors?

In a series of sports physical therapy tape, the base fabric is the same, but different dyes are used to produce different colors of sports physical therapy tape. How to choose depends on your preference.

Does sports physical therapy tape contain medicinal ingredients?

Sports physical therapy tape does not contain any pharmaceutical ingredients, so it does not have any side effects.

Can sports physical therapy tape get wet (swimming and showering)?

Yes, sports physical therapy tape can get wet. sports physical therapy tape has a certain waterproof effect and can be used for showering, swimming and bathing normally. The cotton in kinesiology tape does absorb some moisture, so it is recommended to “dry” the kinesiology tape with a towel after showering or swimming.


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