punched kinesiology tape


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It is designed with holes for better breathability. It is also one of the top choices for people with allergies.

Size: 5cm*5m

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punched kinesiology tape



punched kinesiology tape

Punched kinesiology tape is a special kind of tape, it looks like it has holes, which is its special feature. It is produced by punching out small oval-shaped holes of certain proportions and dimensions in regular adhesive tape. So punched kinesiology tape is the same as conventional kinesiology tape in terms of usage, you can use its small holes as a pattern. It is made of cotton and spandex, it has great elasticity and can be stretched up to 170%. Its main function is to prevent muscle pain and make joints.

The main function of punched kinesiology tape

Its unique design, the original intention is to increase the breathability of the skin. Kinesiology tape is made of fabric, so it is usually relatively breathable, but if you sweat a lot or do water activities, moisture will accumulate in it, which may cause skin itching. The small pre-punched holes can quickly remove moisture, and the skin has more opportunities to ventilate and accelerate skin drying.

But many people found that it is not only more breathable, but also has other magical effects, such as using it to massage acupuncture points, just like crosstape. There is a kind of crosstape that is like a cross, so it is also called cross paste. Its main function is to massage acupuncture points and promote local blood circulation. Our punched kinesiology tape also has a similar effect.

There are also some accounts that it is subjected to diagonal elasticity, which allows for additional stimulation of the nerve. The skin and fascia receive more signal due to the pressure difference around the hole pattern.


pre cut athletic tape

Material: 95% cotton + 5% spandex

Glue: Imported acrylic glue and Henkel glue

Size:2.5cm*5m,3.8cm*5m,5cm*5m,7.5cm*5m,10cm*5m or customized

Elasticity:170% elasticity is the same as that of human skin

Brand Name:Aupcon or OEM

Colors:22 colors available

Weight:2.5cm*5m About 40g

3.8cm*5m About 51.8g

5cm*5m About 72g

Features of punched kinesiology tape

kinesiology athletic tape







Strong stickiness

High quality and low price

About US

About US

AUPCON MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY (WUXI) CO., LTD is a high-tech private enterprise that develops, develops and operates sports tape. The company was established in 2011, located in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, Xishan District Anzhen Jiaosan Road 1083. The company covers an area of 13,000 square meters and has dozens of production lines. The company’s registered capital is 10 million yuan. Production equipment 50 sets.

At present, the company’s main products include medical hygiene materials and dressings (6864), medical suture materials and adhesives (6865), medical polymer materials and products (6866) and labor insurance supplies. The company has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, at the same time, the company operates class I, II, III medical devices.

Under the guidance of the “care for health” corporate philosophy, the company is based on scientific and technological innovation and scientific management, actively expand the mainstream business, vigorously develop high-tech products, adhere to diversified development, based on China, looking at the world, market-oriented, with good corporate reputation, stable financial status, sound innovation ability, across a new starting point, and then brilliant innovation!

Customize punched kinesiology tape

good kinesiology tape

Our regular muscle tape comes in 23 colors, other colors can be customized.

Our backing paper is generally blue grid shape, you can customize the backing paper of the tape.

Our fabric is usually solid color, if you have a better idea, you can customize the printing according to your requirements.

Our paper tubes and cloth covers are usually blank, you can send us your ideas to customize the printing paper tubes and cloth covers.

About our small color box inside and outside boxes, instructions, cards, CE mark can be customized. For details, you can also consult our sales staff.


Package of punched kinesiology tape

Specification inner box size Rolls/inner box Rolls/carton
3.8cm*5m 14*7*15.5 8 160
5cm*5m 6 120
7.5cm*5m 4 80

Shipping for punched kinesiology tape

Our current common logistics:

Express: UPS, FEDEX, Anneng, Yunda, Zhongtong, SF Express

Export mode: convenient delivery, self-operated export, one Datong export agent

How to use

how to use punched kinesiology tape how to use punched kinesiology tape how to use punched kinesiology tape how to use punched kinesiology tape how to use punched kinesiology tape how to use punched kinesiology tape



Q1: Can we have our own company logo on the tape/ inner core/ release paper/ box?

A1: Yes, it is available, individual artwork is welcomed.Our conventional products accept OEM.

Q2: Can we order products less than MOQ?

A2: If the quantity is small, the cost will be high. So that’s OK if you want to have a small quantity, but the price will be


Q3:How about the free samples?

A3: We could offer free sample service (conventional products:kinesiology tape,boob tape,cohesive bandage,sports tape,canouflage cohesive bandage,cohesive elastic bandage,elastic adhesive bandage), but the express fee on your own.

Y shape Kinesiologica SPORTS kinesiologiy tape Therapeutic

Q4. What kind of logistics do you usually take?

A4: For small goods, we will send international express UPS,FEXED,DHL, etc., or you have a freight agent in China, we can send the goods to him.


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