kinesiology cross tape



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Kinesiology cross tape, also called acupuncture tape, spiral taping, cross taping therapy. It is mainly used to relieve local pain, stimulate acupuncture points, and relieve tense muscles. There is no need to use silver needles to achieve an effect similar to silver needle acupuncture. Kinesiology cross tape does not contain drugs and active ingredients and does not have any side effects. It can be applied directly to the acupuncture point of the pain point and can last for up to several days.

kinesiology cross tape


The principle of kinesiology cross tape is very similar to that of punched kinesiology tape. Both can enhance the pain relief effect of kinesiology tape by stimulating acupoints.

But acupuncture tape is more inclined to small area pain relief and acupoint stimulation. Punched kinesiology tape is more inclined to be used on large areas. Kinesiology cross tape helps coordinate pain and trigger points and can be used as an acupuncture treatment.

Material – Rayon + Spandex

Adhesive – Acrylic

Color – Skin, light blue, dark blue, pink, white, red

Applicable Scenarios – Running, sports, health care, massage, fitness, physiotherapy



Strong Adhesive – Excellent skin adhesion and easy to wear

Rayon Material – Soft fit, breathable and comfortable, good waterproof, easier to dry after getting wet

Versatility – Can be used with cotton kinesiology tape

High Flexibility – A variety of specifications are available, small size, suitable for any position

Hypoallergenic – Latex free, hypoallergenic

Mesh Pattern – Cross square hole design, mesh pattern that conforms to human muscle structure


Relief The Pain

The primary function of kinesiology cross tape is to apply to painted areas, trigger points, acupuncture points, and muscle and joint pain. Immediate improvement in movement restrictions and significant pain relief will occur soon after the application of cross tape.

Stimulate Acupoints

In Chinese medicine, there is a very famous branch called acupuncture. Its principle is to stimulate acupuncture points through silver needles, improve microcirculation, and dredge meridians, thereby treating neurological diseases, bone and joint diseases, etc.

Kinesiology cross tape achieves the purpose of stimulating acupuncture points and dredging meridians without using silver needles. Acupuncture tape is more convenient and safer to use.

Promote Body Healing

Enhance the body’s natural healing ability, regulate muscles and ligaments, reduce muscle fatigue, and restore muscle and joint injuries.

Relieve Bruises And Lymphedema

Acupuncture tape can be used to relieve pressure on bruised, lymphedema, and chronic pain areas or with acupuncture, acupressure, and trigger points. When applied to these areas, the patch’s grid pattern helps lift and separate the skin and fascia and allows for better fluid flow to reduce pain and swelling.


How does acupuncture tape work?

Acupuncture tape changes pain sensitivity by stimulating mechanical sensation in the skin and superficial muscles through stretching force, thereby reducing pain stimulation in the body. Without using silver needles, Kinesiology cross tape can stimulate acupuncture points, improve microcirculation, and dredge meridians, thereby treating neurological diseases, bone and joint diseases, etc.

 How long can you leave the acupuncture tape?

3-5 days. It may be less if you encounter high friction or work in water.

What are the forbidden acupuncture points?

There are no contraindications for kinesiology cross tape because it is a non-invasive physical therapy and does not cause any harm to the body. Its effect is weaker than silver needle acupuncture, but it is safer.

What is the cross tape used for?

Cross tape can replace silver needles for non-invasive acupoint stimulation to reduce pain and swelling, dredge meridians, and improve microcirculation.

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