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Custom Athletic Tape

Custom athletic tape is one of aupcon’s main products. We can customize many types, such as Custom LOGO, custom cloth pattern, custom size, custom packaging box, custom paper tube, etc.

Custom LOGO – We offer custom sports tape that can be printed with team logos, names or other designs, we can even provide a logo design if you don’t have one. We offer a variety of tape options including kinesiology and traditional athletic tape, cohesive bandage and more.

CUSTOM SIZES – We accept athletic tape customization in any size and offer a variety of tape options including pre-cut strips and rolls or athletic tape for fingers, ankles and other body parts.

Custom Fabric Patterns: We can produce custom sports tape printed with team colors, logos or other designs.

Customized packaging: Our product packaging can also be customized according to your requirements, such as color box packaging, paper tube printing, paper card blister, medium box packaging, etc.

is custom athletic tape necessary?

Custom sports tape is not what everyone needs, most people will be fine with regular tape, but it is essential for some individuals or teams who want to enhance their brand or have specific needs.

For athletes, custom athletic tape helps boost team morale and spirit, and provides a sense of togetherness and identity. It can also help identify which team a player belongs to during a game, making it easier for officials and spectators to identify them.

Custom athletic tape is also available for individuals with specific needs or conditions. For example, athletes with allergies or skin sensitivities may require specific types of tape that are not readily available in stores. This type of tape is usually made with a less allergenic glue.

However, custom athletic tape is not necessary for most recreational or recreational athletes. Standard athletic tape is readily available and will provide adequate support and protection for most activities. It’s important to prioritize proper technique and form during physical activity to avoid injury rather than relying solely on athletic tape.

Therefore, whether to use custom sports tape depends on your own needs. If you are a team and want to improve team influence, then custom sports tape is a very good choice. If you are just an individual and use it for daily fitness, There is no need to use custom products, after all, the price of custom sports tape is still a little higher than ordinary tape.

how to custom custom athletic tape?

General steps to follow for custom athletic tape:

1. Decide on a design or logo to be printed on the tape by researching online or asking for suggestions from other athletes on your team.

2. Provide us with the design or logo in a high-resolution format such as a vector file. This will ensure the best quality printing, and if you don’t have a design or logo we can design one for you for free.

3. Choose the type and color of tape you want to use. We have three types of kinesiology tape, sports tape and cohesive bandage, dozens of colors for you to choose from.

4. Determine the width and length of tape to use. Generally, the length is fixed. Our common specifications are as follows. If you need other sizes, we can also provide them.

5. Provide any additional specifications or requirements such as required bond strength levels or any allergies or sensitivities to certain materials.

6. Place an order with us and wait for tape production and delivery. Please note any minimum order quantities or lead times.

Custom sports tape is a great way to enhance team spirit and branding or to meet specific needs or conditions. It is very important to choose aupcon as your manufacturer and provide clear and accurate specifications to ensure the best quality products.

01. Printed Tapes For Your Brands

Are you a novel sports tape brand trying to dig root in the market? If you have a private logo or want to add some creation on your tape, your business will gain the boost it needs. There is a higher profit margin associated with a private labelled product. AUPCON offers premium print service for sports tape brand. AUPCON offers premium print on your tape that is custom to your need and logo design.

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02. Customizable Tape

Our customizable tape & bandage create stunning prints with their own unique quality. You can preview a range of tape & bandage prints you want and choose the one that best suits your project.

03. Custom Tape Packaging Boxes

A personalized look helps revitalize your product and attract customer’s attention. AUPCON works on turning your artistic desires to reality as our team consists of professionals that will transform the ideas on your mind into canvases of perfection. We offer an excellent packaging service, so product packaging won’t be your worries.

Tape Packaging e1653360685557

04. Tape & Bandage Packaging

AUPCON can print your customized logo on the packaging with your desired information on it, make your packing even more attractive. You can print your logo, website, wearing guide etc.

Custom athletic tape manufacturers

When choosing a custom athletic tape manufacturer, it is important to consider factors such as its product quality, industry reputation, and customer reviews. It is important to compare prices and product options from multiple manufacturers to find the best fit.

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