Rigid sports strapping tape



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Rigid sports strapping tape provides maximum stability to joints during strenuous physical activity. It is made from flexible rayon material and strong zinc oxide adhesive. Rigid sports strapping tape offers prevention and rehabilitation by limiting the movement of ligaments, tendons, and joints. Rigid sports strapping tape can help in the emergency immobilization of serious injuries such as fractures, dislocations, and severe tears of ligaments or tendons. When athletes cannot avoid specific movements, rigid sports strapping tape protects damaged areas from further injury. It cushions direct impact and relieves pressure on the injured area.

Rigid sports strapping tape


Rigid sports strapping tape has a strong, porous adhesive that allows airflow to the skin. The material is soft yet flexible, remaining rigid while maintaining comfort. Rigid athletic tape provides maximum stability and movement restriction to injured joints and limbs.

Rigid sports strapping tape holds firmly and does not stretch or bend, creating a stiff temporary splint. This inflexibility is critical to protecting damaged or unstable joints from further injury. Rigid athletic tape fragile limbs and joints in protective sleeves, allowing athletes to continue playing safely. It also promotes healing by locking down the injured area to prevent movement and impact from worsening the condition.

Material – Rayon

Glue – Zinc Oxide Hot Melt Glue

Colors – Black, white, skin and tan

Size – 25mm, 38mm, 50mm

Suitable Parts – Ankle, knee, shoulder, wrist

Applications – Commonly used for volleyball players, goalkeepers, football, basketball, judo, wrestling

Other Names – Rigid sports tape, rigid strapping tape, rigid athletic tape, rigid strapping tape



Extremely Stiff And Inelastic – Made from dense, inelastic rayon that won’t bend or deform with use. Immobilize joints.

Strong Adhesive – Rigid athletic tape coated with zinc oxide adhesive adheres firmly to the skin without falling off.

Breathable – Porous rayon material allows air to circulate to the skin underneath.

Easy To Tear – Serrated edges allow you to tear by hand. There is no need for scissors.

Waterproof – Material remains rigidly supportive even when wet from sweat or water.

Lightweight – Rayon rigid athletic tape is lighter than bulky braces or casts.

Moisture Wicking – Absorbs sweat and moisture from the skin during activity.

Wear Resistant – Smoothly stays in place despite friction from clothing and gear.



The primary function is to immobilize injured joints and limbs to prevent aggravation.


Stabilizes unstable or dislocated joints in proper alignment until further medical treatment.


Creates a rigid, protective casing around vulnerable limbs during competition. Absorbs impacts.

Restriction Of Motion

Severely limits the range of motion of joint/limb by resisting stretching or bending.

Pain Relief

Restricting motion can relieve painful symptoms of injuries.

Temporary Splinting

Rigid athletic tape can quickly splint fractures or sprains before professional medical treatment.


Reinforces joint structures that have been weakened by injury.


Assists with controlling swelling and inflammation.

Offloading Pressure

Transfers pressure away from injured areas to protect during movement.

Emergency Stabilization

Can urgently stabilize drastic injuries like dislocations on the field.

Post-surgery Protection

Rigid athletic tape protects joints after surgical repairs and interventions.


This can be integrated into later rehab to increase motion gradually.


What is rigid sports strapping tape?

Rigid sports strapping tape is a thick, non-stretch adhesive tape designed to immobilize injuries as a temporary restrictive splint. It is significantly less flexible than standard athletic tape.

What is the difference between sports tape and kinesiology tape?

Sports tape immobilizes, while kinesiology tape provides flexible, movable support. Sports tape limits motion, whereas kinesiology tape maintains it.

What is the benefit of rigid taping?

Compared with ordinary sports tape, rigid sports strapping tape is more wear-resistant. It is made of rayon and has a smoother and glossier surface.

What do you put under rigid tape?

Pre-wrap is also called underwrap, pre-wrap tape, underwrap tape, or athletic pre-wrap. Before using rigid sports strapping tape on a large area, wrap it on the skin to protect the skin and avoid allergies or skin damage when peeling off the tape.

Is zinc oxide tape the same as rigid tape?

Rigid athletic tape is also a type of Zinc oxide tape. All tapes using zinc oxide glue can be called zinc oxide tape. Generally, what people call zinc oxide tape refers to pure cotton zinc oxide sports tape.

Zinc oxide athletic tape and rigid athletic tape have the same function. But the materials are different. Zinc oxide tape is usually made of pure cotton, while rigid tape is rayon. Pure cotton is more absorbent, while rayon is more wear-resistant.

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