Athletic pre wrap



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Athletic pre wrap, also called foam underwrap or sports wrap, does not contain glue and has no side effects. Its principal function is to protect the skin and provide cushioning for the skin. The foam underwrap is skin-friendly, breathable, soft, and comfortable, like another layer of skin.  

Athletic pre wrap


Athletic pre wrap is a soft and smooth skin protective film. It was originally designed to prevent glue residue when using zinc oxide tape, but during use, people have discovered more uses for it, such as wrapping broken hair on the forehead, supporting Joints, wrapping tools or sports equipment handles, etc.

Athletic pre wrap is not necessary, but if athletic tape is used on a large area, it is recommended to use it together. Otherwise, it will be painful to remove because the athletic tape is super sticky.

Material – Made of high-quality foam that resists tearing and retains a soft, smooth texture after use.

Size – 7cm*20m, 7cm*27m, 6cm*20m, 6cm*27m

Color – Regular colors are skin color and white. Other colors can be customized. Slight color variations may occur between production batches.

Function – Protect wrists, ankles, knees, elbows, or other areas prone to irritation. Absorbs vibration and shock from racquet sports. Provides extra grip and wrist support. Foam underwrap can also be used as an armband, headband, etc.



Versatile Protection – This 7cm wide foam underwrap provides cushioning and support with coverage up to 29.5 yards. Use it to protect delicate body parts during any activity.

Flexible Support – Stretchable foam fits snugly, providing compression while allowing for a full range of motion. When wrapping, the tension can be easily adjusted by pulling to the desired tension.

Easy To Use- Tear open by hand to customize size; no scissors or tape are required. Quickly create a protective base layer before using uniforms, braces, grips, or equipment.

Good Breathability – The surface of this Athletic pre wrap has many tiny breathable holes, which makes it very breathable and will not make you feel stuffy after long-term use.


Protect Skin

Athletic pre wrap can avoid redness and discomfort caused by glue sticking to the skin when using athletic tape, and can also protect the skin from being peeled off by glue when removing athletic tape.

Wrap Hair

Use an foam underwrap to wrap your hair during exercise to prevent hair from entering your eyes and affecting regular competition.

Anti-slip And Stable

Athletic pre wrap wraps tennis rackets, badminton rackets, golf clubs, as well as hammers, saws, and other tools to provide anti-slip and stabilizing effects.

Provide Buffer

If athletic tape is wrapped too tightly, it can affect circulation, and foam underwrap will provide cushioning to prevent this from happening.


What is pre wrap used for in athletic training?

Athletic pre wrap can isolate zinc oxide tape from irritation to the skin during use and damage caused by removal.

Foam underwrap can act as a buffer after injury to avoid secondary injuries caused by careless movement or collision.

What is the difference between athletic tape and sports wrap?

Athletic tape is a sticky tape made of cotton whose main function is to support joints. Sports wrap is a foam-based tape with no glue that is designed to protect skin before applying the athletic tape. Athletic tape and sports wrap are two completely different types of tape. They are usually used together.

What does pre wrap do for hair?

Wrap your hair to prevent it from covering your eyes during exercise and affecting your athletic performance.

What is sports wrap used for?

Protects skin, wraps hair, and supports joints.

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