Cotton athletic tape


Cotton athletic tape, also known as medical sports tape, is skin-friendly and breathable. It provides support by conforming to the ankle, wrist and hand to help prevent strains or injuries. Provides extra support to protect injured areas and speed up their recovery time. Ideal for recovery from physical therapy: non-irritating to the skin.

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Cotton athletic tape

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Cotton athletic tape, also known as medical sports tape or medical tape for sports injury, is a type of skin friendly and breathable tape. It provides support by fitting the ankle, wrist, and hands, helping to prevent strain or injury. It protects and accelerates the recovery time of the injured area by providing additional support.

High-quality white sports medicine tape has an optimal bond for all your binding needs. Our cotton athletic tape is made from the highest quality soft cotton and benefits from an easy-tear formula that allows you to easily tear it apart with your hands.

Using cotton athletic tape can help protect your joints, muscles and tendons. It’s not just about exercising! This medical sports tape is also a good choice if you want to improve your daily life by providing extra support and stability to your joints. Sports Injury Medical Tape is easy on the skin. Ideal for physiotherapy recovery: non-irritating to the skin.


Cotton athletic tape provides additional sports support to help prevent knee, ankle, wrist, elbow, and finger injuries,include:

  • Support bandages for strains and sprains
  • Fix hot and cold compress bandages
  • Compression bandages help control swelling and stop bleeding
  • Binding of sports equipment


  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Color: White/Black/Skin or custom
  • Brand: Aupcon/OEM
  • Size:3.8cm*10m/3.8cm*13.7m or custom
  • Type:Cotton athletic tape


1.No glue residue: Our medical sports tape will not cause skin irritation or leave glue residue on the skin after peeling off. This makes it the perfect tape for weightlifters, mountaineers and boxers.

2.Easy to tear: No scissors required! Due to our special Z-shaped formula, you can easily remove our sports medicine tape!

3.Soft 100% pure cotton: Our cotton athletic tape uses latex free materials to prevent allergic reactions.This also applies to medical professionals such as physiotherapists and medical trainers.

4.Recover faster: Our medical tape for sports injury offers the best support for your injuries or injury prevention. Using the tape stabilizes joints during vigorous physical activities. Make sure you protect yourself from further injury by working out strapped in medical sports tape.It is recommended to remove the medical tape after activity.


OEM / Custom Service
In order to better meet the market and different customer needs, we will provide OEM/customized services for customers:

1.Print:(Based on your needs)
Paper tube/Fabric printing

2.Package:(Based on your needs)
Color box/Middle box/Outer box

3.Color:(Based on your needs)
White/Black/Skin or custom

4.Multiple specifications for choose
2.5cm*10m/3.8cm*10m/5cm*10m/2.5cm*13.7m/3.8cm*13.7m/5cm* 13.7m

Logo,Glue, labels, manual etc.



Our product packaging varies depending on product specifications and customer customization needs, resulting in different packaging methods and specifications. Of course, we will recommend the most cost-effective packaging method based on the actual needs of customers. Taking the single roll color box packaging of cotton athletic tape as an example, the packaging of different sizes will be different:

Specification Color box Size Number of in the inner box Inner box Size Number of inner boxes in the outer box Outer box Size Gross weight Total quantity of Outer box
2.5cm*10m 6.7*6.7*2.7cm 48 28*14*18cm 6 44*29.5*38.5cm 17kg/14kg 288 rolls
3.8cm*10m 6.7*6.7*4cm 32 6 192 rolls
5cm*10m 6.7*6.7*5.2cm 24 6 144 rolls
2.5cm*13.7m 7.4*2.8*7.4cm 48 32*16.5*16.5cm 6 52.5*33.5*35.5cm 25kg 288 rolls
3.8cm*13.7m 7.4*4*7.4cm 32 6 22kg 192 rolls
5cm*13.7m 7.4*5.2*7.4cm 24 6 21kg 144 rolls


Q1:Is the medical sports tape support custom?
A1:Yes,color,specification both support customization.

Q2:Can provide free sample of the sports medicine tape?
A2:Not only sports medicine tape, but also other products. We could offer free sample service, but the express fee on your own.

Q3.How about the lead time?
A3:within 15-20 days for regular packaging;within 20-25 days for OEM production, exact lead time upon the quantity of your order and the packaging you required.

Q4:The medical tape for sports injury can be applied to open wounds or damaged skin?
A4:No,This is not sterile and cannot be applied to open wounds or damaged skin.

Q5:Do you have a bulk discount program for cotton athletic tapes?
A5:Yes, we offer different price discounts for customers with different purchase batches. Please contact us or follow our social media channel platform to learn about the latest promotional activities we are currently conducting.

Q6:How to handle when there are problems with the received goods?
A6:Before shipping to our customers, we have dedicated personnel to conduct quality checks on the products to ensure that all of our goods are problem-free. But if there is a problem when you receive the goods, please contact us as soon as possible, and we will help you solve it, so that you have no worries.

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