38mm strapping tape



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38mm Zinc Oxide sports tape is a cotton athletic tape featuring a strong zinc oxide adhesive. Both athletes and physical therapists use it to strap injured joints that require a certain degree of rigidity.  

38mm strapping tape


38mm strapping tape

Zinc oxide sports tape is a cotton athletic tape featuring a strong zinc oxide adhesive. Both athletes and physical therapists use it to strap injured joints that require a certain degree of rigidity.

For example, zinc oxide sports tape can be used to completely immobilize ankle joints, knee joints, wrists, elbows, and other joints, and it can be used before sports to prevent joint sprains.

38mm is the most common size for strapping tape, it is very easy to apply and tear by hand, no need to use athletic tape scissors, as it has a zig-zag edge, making it ideal for hassle-free application.

Material – 100% cotton

Size – Width:2.5cm, 3.8cm, 5cm. Length:10m,13.7m.

Color – Skin, light skin, new skin, tan, brown, coffee, black, white, baby pink and customized color

Glue – Hot melt zinc oxide glue

Package – No package/shrink package/opp bag/color box/blister package


Feature of 38mm strapping tape

Waterproof – when you get sweat, the sports tape will stay firm on your body

Hypoallergenic – non-latex, it is not easy to get an allergy

Non-elastic – as it is made of 100% cotton, it is not elastic

Breathable – made of cotton material, light and breathable

Tear by hand, no need scissors – as it is the zig-zag edge, it can easily be torn by hand


The primary function of 38mm strapping tape

Prevent Damage And Promote Healing

Zinc oxide adhesive tape is most commonly used for sports strapping. Athletes widely use them to prevent sports injuries and help wounds heal faster. The adhesiveness of the zinc oxide tape is very strong, even in a humid environment; the 38mm strapping can maintain good adhesiveness and is suitable for long-term use.

Protect Injured Area

When your wrist or ankle is sprained, our 100% cotton zinc oxide sports tape can protect and fix your joints well to prevent sprains. Because it has no elasticity, it is very tight to wrap. If you cover it a few more times, it can fix your joints like a simple plaster. If you love doing sports, our body tape for sports will be a good helper.

Has Many Uses

Zinc oxide adhesive tape is often used in various ball games, such as football, basketball, rugby, etc. The size of Zinc Oxide sports tape used on different occasions is different. In addition to 38mm strapping tape, it also has many other measures, such as 1cm, 2.5cm, 5cm, etc. 1cm Zinc Oxide tape is mainly used on fingers, such as the fingers of basketball players, fingers of rock climbers, fingers of football goalkeepers, etc. 2.5cm is typical in various large joints of the body, such as knees, ankles, etc. The spikes of football players are often wrapped with 5 cm to prevent the ends from falling off.


Can we have a logo on 38mm strapping tape last? 

Yes, a custom logo on tape/inner core is available. If Custom fabric printing, MOQ is 3000 rolls; if

Custom inner tube, MOQ is 3000 rolls for size 5cm;

Is zinc oxide sports tape latex-free?

Yes, it is latex. Our glue is hot melt zinc oxide glue, not including latex glue.

Will there be glue residue after tearing off?

No, there will be no glue residue. You can try our sample and test it on the skin. Also, you can order foam underwrap with our sports tape so the video won’t directly stick to your skin.

Will it easily fall off when I sweat or take a shower?

No, it is waterproof and can still stay firm on your body. You don’t need to worry about it; dry the tape. It still works on your body!


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