tape scissors


This is a tape scissors specially designed for bandages and tapes, this tape scissors have sharp blades, which can easily cut the tape to your desired size.

Size:18.5*8.5cm  16*7cm  14.5*8.5cm


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tape scissors



tape scissors

This is a tape scissors specially designed for bandages and tapes, this scissors have sharp blades, which can easily cut the tape to your desired size. We designed a zigzag structure for the scissors, which makes it sharper than ordinary scissors. The whole body of this scissors is coated with Teflon, this design makes it not easy to rust and not easy to stick glue. The scissors are widely used. In addition to cutting kinesiology tape, cohesive bandage, sports tape, they can also be used as medical bandage scissors. The scissors can also cut leather, cloth, rope, etc. in daily life.

The handle of kinesiology tape scissors is made of PP material, and the Scissor blade is made of stainless steel 2CR13 material to ensure the sharpness of the blade. Kinesiology tape scissors can cut multiple strips at the same time to achieve high-efficiency cutting and balance to achieve precise cutting. The cutting handle is made of PP plastic, which is ergonomically designed and comfortable to hold, suitable for both left and right hands. Fixed with large rivets, the cutting is smooth and not stuck, it is not easy to rust, and it is flexible to use.

The main function of tape scissors

The scissors are commonly used by various individuals and professionals in different settings. The following are some examples of those who frequently use medical bandage scissors:

Medical Professionals: This includes doctors, nurses, physician assistants, and other healthcare providers working in hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities. They use medical bandage scissors for wound care, dressing changes, surgical procedures, and general patient care.

First Responders: Paramedics, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), and other first responders utilize medical bandage scissors as part of their emergency medical equipment. They often need to quickly remove bandages or dressings in emergency situations.

Sports Trainers and Athletic Professionals: Athletic trainers, sports therapists, and coaches involved in sports and physical activities frequently use sports tape scissors. They apply and remove athletic tape, kinesiology tape, and bandages to support and protect athletes’ injuries.

Physical Therapists: Physical therapists use sports tape scissors to remove tape and bandages as part of their therapeutic treatments. They may apply rigid tapes or compression wraps and need scissors to remove them safely.

Caregivers and Home Healthcare Providers: Individuals providing home healthcare, including family caregivers and professional home healthcare providers, may use kinesiology tape scissors to manage the care of patients in a home setting. They may need to change dressings, remove bandages, or secure medical devices with tape.

Veterinary Professionals: Veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and animal care providers use medical bandage scissors in veterinary clinics and hospitals. They employ these scissors to cut bandages and tape used for wound care and dressing changes in animals.

Specifications of medical bandage scissors

Material:Stainless steel and Plastic

Color: Black etc.

Size: 18.5*8.5cm,16*7cm,14.5*8.5cm

Features of tape scissors

Sharp edge

Teflon coating

Comfortable handle

Strength and toughness

High hardness

Non-slip and flexible

Not easy to rust



1.For packaging, what kind of service and quality do you provide?

For the packaging, we have universal opp bags, plastic film, colour boxes, medium boxes and outer cartons for you to use. We guarantee that all our products have at least 2 layers of packaging to prevent damage from shipping. In addition all packaging does not carry a logo and will not affect sales.

2.What are the payment terms?

TT 30% prepaid, and the balance before shipment.

3.Can you send a draft contract?

Yes, after confirming the order, I will draft the contract for you.

4.Can I have a sample first?

Yes, we can send you 2-4 rolls free samples for test, shipping cost is $25 about, UPS or Fedex, DAP price.

5.Why is this product so cheap? Is there any defect? Is the supplier reliable? This fabric is thinner?

We are manufacturer for all kinds of sports tapes, kinesiology tapes/cohesive bandages/sports tapes/boob tapes for more than 10 years, with CE/FDA/ISO approved.

As we are factory, we are highly welcome you to visit us in wuxi city and we are very sure about our quality.

What’s more, we can offer free samples for quality check!


Customize tape scissors

Our usual best-selling sports tape scissors sizes are 15*6.8cm and 18.5*8.5cm. If you need other special sizes, we can customize them for you.

Our sports tape scissors color is usually black, if you have other favorite color or pattern can help you customize.

Our regular sports tape scissors do not have a logo, if you need to print the logo you need, you can consult our sales staff for details.

For Wholesalers

For wholesale, we provide ODM & OEM service and bulk order discount. You can contact us to explore more.