non woven cohesive bandage


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The main purpose of non woven cohesive bandage is to hold the dressing in place, but it can not come into direct contact with the wound. It can also be used as a sports safety.

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non woven cohesive bandage


non woven cohesive bandage

Non woven cohesive bandage is a bandage made of 90% non-woven fabric + 10% spandex. Its main feature is that it only sticks to itself and does not stick to any plane or hair. Because non-woven fabrics have no warp and weft threads, cutting and sewing are very convenient, so self-adhesive bandages made of non-woven fabrics can be torn apart by hand.

Non-woven fabrics have a short process flow, fast production speed, high output, low cost, wide application, and many sources of raw materials, so the price of non-woven self-adhesive bandages is also cheaper. So in the whole global market, non-woven self-adhesive bandages are more popular.

The non woven cohesive bandage has very good air permeability, will not condense water vapor on the wound, and is soft and comfortable. Moreover, it is easy to carry, suitable for pressure, rich in patterns, and elegant in appearance, which is conducive to rapid wound healing and fast bandaging, without affecting the daily life of patients.

The Non woven cohesive bandage is glued on both sides, but it won’t stick to your skin or hair, it just sticks to itself, so you don’t need to worry about whether you will get hurt when you tear it off. Self-adhesive elastic bandage is a substitute for ordinary bandages, and can also be used instead of rubber tape and medical gauze; it has a wide range of uses, such as external dressing of various parts of the body, field training, first aid for trauma, etc. Non-woven adhesive bandages won’t stick to hair, so they’re perfect for wrapping animals in fur. In fact, adhesive bandages are sometimes called “veterinary tape.” Veterinarians wrap wounded animals in Band-Aids for protection and support.

The main function of non woven cohesive bandage

1.Non woven bandage is widely used by physical therapists, nurses, athletes and veterinarians to treat minor fractures in dogs, cats, horses and other animals.

2.Non-woven bandages are also used to wrap horses’ legs to protect them from impact and provide extra support during transport.

3.Non woven bandage is often used for fixation, such as providing binding force to wound dressings or limbs after surgery to bandage and fix; fix needles during infusion, so that the way is detached; fix socks and leg guards when playing football, etc.

4.Non woven bandage can also be used to treat sports injuries. It is malleable and elastic, and can apply steady pressure to the injured part to treat muscle strains and sprains.

5.Non woven bandage can also be used to prevent joint sprains. It is highly elastic, and the joints are not restricted in movement after use. It can protect the joints from damage without affecting the movement.

6.Non woven bandage also has many other uses, such as some customers use it to wrap tattoo pens or boxing bandages, and some people use it to wrap bat handles, badminton racket handles, ax handles or other similar functions. is to increase friction.


1.Material: 90% non woven +10% spandex

2.Size:  5cm*4.5m/ 5cm*4.5m/ 7.5cm*4.5m/ 10cm*4.5m/ 15cm*4.5m

3.Color: skin,black,white,red,green,blue,yellow,pink,light blue,purple,orange.etc

4.Glue: Latex or Latex free

5.Package: opp bag/color box/blister package

Feature of non woven cohesive bandage

1.Easy to use: The non-woven fabric has no warp and weft, so it is very convenient to cut and sew, and the adhesive pressure bandage can be torn off by hand without using scissors

2.High elasticity: due to the addition of spandex yarn, the elasticity is particularly good

3.Independent packaging: each roll is packed in a transparent opp bag, marked with the production date, safe and clean to use

4.Waterproof: Even if you sweat, our non-woven self-adhesive bandage will wrap around your body firmly

About us

About us

AUPCON MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY (WUXI) CO.LTD is a factory established for 13 years and covers an area of 13,000 square meters. Our main products are sports kinesiology tapes, sports tape cohesive bandages, etc., with more than 50 machines and an annual output of 50 million Volume, the number of workers is about 100 people. All of our bandage tapes have passed CE, FDA, ISO, HRIPT tests, and have BSCI inspection reports, so if you have any certificate requirements, we can basically meet them.

Since we are a factory, we can provide the best price, the most convenient service, and support OEM, ODM. Sample and trial orders are also available. Our product quality is also among the top three in China, so you can rest assured to place an order. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will reply you immediately.

Customization for non woven cohesive bandage

1.Custom color of Non woven cohesive bandagesis available;

2.Custom fabric printing available;

3.Custom inner tube available;

4.Custom opp bag available.

5.For details, please click for tape.


Package for non woven cohesive bandage

For non woven cohesive bandage, regular package is opp bag for each roll, then pack in the blank middle boxes, finally pack in the outer carton. Also we custom color box/blister package for non woven adhesive bandages. And we can custom sticker on the opp bag/color box. If you need any other package, we can customize it according to your requirements !


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Economic way: UPS, EMS

Own way: E packet

Customs clearance service: DDP by sea/air, local shipment is by UPS



Q: Can we have logo on non woven adhesive bandages ? 

A: Yes, custom logo on tape/inner core is available, if Custom fabric printing, MOQ is 3000 rolls; if

custom inner tube, MOQ is 3000 rolls for size 5cm;

Q: What is length of non woven adhesive bandage?

A: Our cohesive bandage stretch length is 4.5m, and actual length is about 2-2.1m

Q: How long is the non woven self adhesive bandage valid?

A: Our bandages are valid for 5 years

Q: Why are the diameters of self-adhesive bandages different ?

A: It is affected by the environment such as temperature and humidity. In addition, sometimes it will be loose or tight when it is artificially rolled.



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