Equine vet wrap



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Equine vet wrap, also called horse vet wrap or bandages for horses, is made of elastic spandex yarn and stretchable non-woven fabric. Vet wrap for horses provides good support for fetlocks and strains by wrapping the horse’s hooves and legs.

Equine vet wrap


Equine Vet Wrap

The self-adhesive design of equine vet wrap conforms smoothly to the contours of your horse’s legs and can be used without the need for a clip. Breathable material allows airflow to reach the skin underneath. The elasticity of the vet wrap for horses provides adjustable pressure to prevent blood flow from being blocked due to being wrapped too tightly.

Material — equine vet wrap is made of 90% non-woven fabric and 10% spandex + latex.

Color – Random delivery to individual buyers. For wholesalers, there are 18 solid colors, 37 printed colors, and 15 camouflage colors available, please see the color card.

Size – 5cm*4.5m, also available in various sizes, 2.5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm, 15cm

Function – Wraps horses’ hooves, legs, and tails to provide appropriate support. After trimming the horse’s hoof, protect the horse’s hoof from bacterial infection.

Advantages – Compared with other types of horse gaiters, equine vet wrap has a wider range of uses. Vet wrap for horses can be used not only for horses, but also for people or other animals. And its material is lighter and more breathable.


Features Of Equine Vet Wrap

Soft, breathable, thin and elastic

The adhesive is durable and requires no additional auxiliary tools for fixation.

Self-adhesive, non-stick to skin and hair

No residue and can be removed easily

No odor, safe and non-toxic, no irritating ingredients

Has many uses

High elasticity, the pressure can be adjusted freely without tightening.

Independently packaged, safe and portable

Easy to use and tearable by hand


Support Ligaments And Muscles

Bandages for horses provides support and gentle compression to leg muscles, tendons and ligaments during exercise or recovery from injury. Helps prevent overstretching or additional damage.

Protect Your Horse’s Legs From Bruising

Protects legs from abrasions and trauma. The wrap acts as a protective barrier against scratches from fences, horse blankets, debris, and more.

Keep Your Horse Warm

Provides warmth and insulation for horses in cold weather. Preserves heat to prevent muscle stiffness.

Fixed Dressing

Secure a dressing, pad, or ice pack to the leg. Vet wrap for horses hold them securely in place and won’t slip off.

Protect Wounds

Dress up after surgery to keep the wound clean, dry and prevent infection.

Veterinary Wrap

equine vet wrap is also suitable for veterinary wraps for horses, cats, dogs or other pets.

Handle Protection

Vet wrap for horses can also be used as sports grip tape for racquets, decorations, cosplay costume wraps and more.



Q:How long can you leave a vet wrap on your horse?

A:Generally speaking, the vet wrap for horses can be left on for 3 to 4 days, but if the horse is bothered by the bandage, it should be changed as it may be too tight or rub.

Q:Is a vet wrap better than a regular wrap?

A:There is no difference between them, just different names.

 Q:Is vet wrap the same as self-adhesive wrap?

A:Yes, in fact they are the same product.

 Q:How often should you change vet wrap?

A:Generally speaking, bandages for horses need to be changed or checked weekly. If you have an open wound or infected incision, the bandage will need to be changed more frequently. In some cases, bandages for horses do not need to be changed weekly if they are kept in good condition.

Q:What happens when vet wrap gets wet?

A:Wet bandages will shrink, impede blood circulation, and make the pet feel very uncomfortable, so if the bandage becomes wet, be sure to change it in time.

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