Finger cohesive bandage



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Finger cohesive bandage, also known as cohesive wrap or cohesive tape, is a type of stretchy athletic tape used to wrap and support injured fingers. This breathable, stretchy tape sticks to itself and contours smoothly around each finger to provide a customizable wrap. Unlike regular athletic finger tape, finger cohesive bandage does not adhere to skin or unravel easily. Unlike bulky splinting, the thin, moisture-wicking material allows for heat dissipation and breathable.  

Finger cohesive bandage


This ultra-narrow 1-inch cohesive bandage is made from lightweight, breathable fabric and latex to smoothly conform to the contours of your finger. Finger cohesive bandage immobilizes and safeguards fragile finger bones and tissues from further injury during sports or training. The flexible, self-adherent properties allow a full range of motion while applying gentle compression to stabilize swollen or damaged joints.

Finger cohesive bandage can be worn comfortably under gloves and is often used for contact sports like martial arts, wrestling, and rock climbing, where fingers are vulnerable. It enables athletes to continue intense activity after minor finger injuries by providing moveable support right where it’s needed most. With its simple application and durable hold, finger cohesive bandage is an indispensable athletic training tape for protecting fingers against re-injury risk.

Material 90% non-woven + 10% spandex

Glue – latex or synthetic glues

Size  2.5cm*4.5m

Color – 18 solid colors, 37 printed bandages, 15 camouflage bandages, if you need other colors, contact us to get the color card

Application – for writing, pets, animals, cats, dogs, humans, etc.



Flexible And Stretchy – cohesive bandage finger stretches and conforms to the shape of your finger for a customized fit. Allows a full range of motion.

Self-adhesive – The finger bandage sticks to itself rather than to the skin or hair. This allows it to wrap securely without the adhesive setting into the skin.

Breathable – Made from lightweight breathable material that allows airflow to your fingers. Prevents sweating and overheating.

Moisture-wicking – This material wicks moisture away from the skin and dries quickly. Stays in place even when wet.

Durable – The finger bandage can withstand daily activities and training without falling apart or falling. Hold firmly in place.

Low Profile – Features a low profile design that fits comfortably under gloves and equipment. Not bulky.

Easy To Use – The smooth surface glides easily around your fingers for quick wrap application with no adhesive residue.

Skin-friendly – Non-irritating materials, gentle on the skin. There is less risk of skin irritation.

Versatile – A finger bandage can be used to wrap fingers of all sizes for sports, medical, or everyday support.



Finger Bandage For Writing

When writing a lot, finger bandages wrap your fingers to prevent calluses. Wrap the pen barrel to increase friction and prevent slipping.


The finger bandages wrap around the finger to immobilize and protect injured joints, bones, and tissues from further damage. Prevents excess or painful movements.


Provides compression to support strained tendons and ligaments on swollen or sore fingers. Reinforces and stabilizes finger structures.


Creates a protective layer around the finger to shield it from external impacts during sports or daily activities.

Healing Promotion

The compression helps reduce swelling and facilitates improved blood flow to promote the healing of finger injuries.

Pain Relief

Gently immobilizing the finger can relieve pain from injuries by limiting movements that aggravate them.

Injury Prevention

Taping fingers helps prevent injuries like hyper-extension or jammed fingers during athletic activities and high-impact sports.

Grip Reinforcement

Wrapping a Finger bandage around the fingers can improve grip strength for weightlifting or rock climbing activities.

Sweat Absorption

Allows sweat to be wicked away from the skin to keep fingers dryer during athletic performance.

Friction Reduction

Creates a smooth surface to minimize rubbing and blisters on the fingers from repetitive motions.

Post-Surgery Protection

A finger bandage can protect fingers recovering from surgeries or procedures by providing gentle compression and support.

Accessory Function

Finger bandages can be used for aesthetic purposes and as accessories for events, costumes, etc.


What is the difference between a cohesive bandage and an adhesive bandage?

A cohesive bandage refers to a bandage that sticks to itself, also called a self-adhesive bandage. Adhesive bandage refers to all bandages with glue. Adhesive bandage includes finger cohesive bandage, sports tape, kinesiology tape, and other tapes or bandages containing glue.

How many times can you use a cohesive bandage?

As long as you have no allergic symptoms, you can use it countless times.

What is a finger cohesive bandage used for?

finger bandage can be used for writing, pets, humans.

Are cohesive bandages good for compression?

Of course, finger cohesive bandage has a lot of flexibility. Bandaging after stretching can create a lot of pressure. It can be used as an emergency tourniquet.

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  1. This finger cohesive bandage is really easy to use. I am a carpenter. Since I started using this finger bandage, my fingers are no longer hurt by the carving knife.

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Finger cohesive bandage Finger cohesive bandage
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