athletic tape for climbing


Using Athletic tape for climbing when  the climb is a good way to protect your fingers. It can be tightly adhered to your fingers to provide skin protection for our fingers and reduce the risk of finger injuries.


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athletic tape for climbing


athletic tape for climbing

Athletic tape for climbing is also called climbing finger tape, climbing tape, climbing tape for blisters.All climbers face a common problem: how to protect fingers during climbing, and athletic tape for climbing is a good solution. People who often rock climb will know that fingers are the most vulnerable to injury during rock climbing.

After hours of climbing, your fingers will take a big hit. The skin becomes rough, worn, and more likely to tear. While this injury isn’t too serious, it can take a few days to recover and can take away from the enjoyment of climbing.

Some people choose to climb rocks with gloves, but because gloves are easy to slip off, it is very dangerous during rock climbing. And one or two layers of climbing tape for blisters can solve this problem very well. It can be very sticky and can stick to your fingers tightly, providing skin protection for our fingers and reducing the risk of finger injuries. The tape used to protect fingers can also be called climbing finger tape. In addition to protecting fingers, it can also be used as a grip strap, fixing and wrapping joints, etc.

 athletic tape for climbing function

 Immobilize your joints: Rock climbing puts a lot of stress on your joints, making them prone to sprains and strains. Climbing tape can help stabilize joints and provide additional support, reducing the risk of injury. Especially for the wrist joint, climbing tape can provide support for the tendons and ligaments in the hand, which is especially helpful for climbers who have been injured or have weak wrists.

Finger Protection: Due to the rough texture of climbing spots, cuts, bruises and blisters are common on climbers’ fingers. Applying athletic tape to your fingers creates a protective barrier that minimizes chafing and reduces the chance of skin damage.

Finger Support: Climbing requires a strong grip and finger strength. The climbing tape can be wrapped around the fingers or knuckles to provide extra support, enhance stability and reduce the risk of hyperextension or strain.

Emergency Injury Treatment: If you have a minor injury, such as a sprain or mild inflammation, climbing tape can be used to apply compression and control swelling. This helps reduce pain and improve mobility while climbing.

Winding grip: climbing tape can also be used as a grip tape for trekking poles. On the one hand, it can protect your grip from wear and tear, and on the other hand, it can also increase the friction of the grip, so it can also be called climbing grip tape .

 Specifications of athletic tape for climbing
Material: 100% cotton

Color: White/Red/Dark Blue/Light Green/Dark Green, Black and Orange
Brand: Aupcon/OEM

Size:Regular-(3.8CM*10M;3.8CM*13.7M) or Customized

Weight:Regular-(63.6g; 94.7g)

 Features of athletic tape for climbing:
1.Maximize protection for your fingers: Our climbing grip tape is designed with professional grade materials to prevent cuts, wear, and blisters, allowing you to continue doing what you love without worrying about hand and finger injuries. It provides maximum pressure to secure fingers, prevent swelling and accelerate recovery.

2.Easy to stick and tear – Due to the zigzag design, you can easily tear the climbing grip tape with your hands without the need for scissors. Perfect for all age groups and sports

3.Strong adhesive without residue: After using sports tape, your skin will be completely clean: there is no residue of adhesive.

4.Suitable for all age groups and sports: Our climbing grip tapes are wear-resistant, hypoallergenic, and suitable for children and adults. It has a narrower width and is very suitable for sports, providing necessary support and comfort for any activity. Use professional grade finger tape made of cotton based and medical grade adhesive to protect fingers during sports such as rock climbing, weightlifting, boxing, football, rock climbing, etc



Company Profile

Company Profile

Climbing grip tape is a type of sports tape. Sports tapes are now very common,and there are many different brands and manufacturers.If you do not know the industry, you should identify professional manufacturers or suppliers, such as Aupcon Medical, which is a brand manufacturer focusing on climbing tape,sports tapes,kinesiology tapes, cohesive bandages and other sports rehabilitation related products with strict quality control, good industry reputation and good customer reputation.

At present, the product users cover many countries and regions such as Europe, America, Australia, and Asia. Our R&D department develops new products, provides samples and suggestions for mass production. Not only providing the best products, but also providing the best services.In addition, providing customers with diversified OEM/customization services.

OEM / ODM Custom Service
In order to better meet the market and different customer needs, we will provide OEM/customized services for customers:

1.Print:(Based on your needs)
Paper tube/Fabric printing

2.Package:(Based on your needs)
Color box/Middle box/Outer box/opp bag

3.Color:(Based on your needs)
White/Red/Dark Blue/Light Green/Dark Green, Black and Orange

4.Multiple specifications for choose

Logo,Glue, labels, manual etc.



Our product packaging varies depending on product specifications and customer customization needs, resulting in different packaging methods and specifications. Of course, we will recommend the most cost-effective packaging method based on the actual needs of customers. Taking a customer’s single roll customized color box packaging as an example:

Specifications Color box Size Number of color boxes in the inner box Inner box Size Number of inner boxes in the outer box Outer box Size Gross weight Total quantity of Outer box
2.5cm*10m 6.7*6.7*2.7cm 6 28*14*18cm 48 44*29.5*38.5cm 17kg/14kg 288 rolls
3.8cm*10m 6.7*6.7*4cm 6 32 192 rolls
5cm*10m 6.7*6.7*5.2cm 6 24 144 rolls
2.5cm*13.7m 7.4*2.8*7.4cm 6 32*16.5*16.5cm 48 52.5*33.5*35.5cm 25kg 288 rolls
3.8cm*13.7m 7.4*4*7.4cm 6 32 22kg 192 rolls
5cm*13.7m 7.4*5.2*7.4cm 6 24 21kg 144 rolls


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Q1:Is athletic tape for climbing support custom?
A1:Yes,color,specification both support customization.

Q2:How about the free samples of athletic tape for climbing?

A2:Not only athletic tape for climbing, but also other products. We could offer free sample service, but the express fee on your own.

Q3.How about the lead time?
A3:within 15-20 days for regular packaging;within 20-25 days for OEM production, exact lead time upon the quantity of your order and the packaging you required.

Q4:Do you have a bulk discount program?

A4:Yes, we offer different price discounts for customers with different purchase batches. Please contact us or follow our social media channel platform to learn about the latest promotional activities we are currently conducting.

Q5:How to handle when there are problems with the received goods?

A5:Before shipping to our customers, we have dedicated personnel to conduct quality checks on the products to ensure that all of our goods are problem-free. But if there is a problem when you receive the goods, please contact us as soon as possible, and we will help you solve it, so that you have no worries.

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