Weightlifting thumb tape



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Weightlifting thumb tape, sometimes called hook grip tape, is made of cotton and coated on one side with super sticky glue. Can be wrapped around the thumb to provide extra support and protection when lifting heavy objects, protecting the thumb, palm, and nail bed, and relieving rough skin calluses.  

Weightlifting thumb tape


Weightlifting is widely used in training. In addition to weightlifting, it is also often seen in pull-ups, rock climbing, gymnastics, and other projects. Hook grip tape will help prevent injuries and injuries. Let your stick to it every time you exercise.

Our Weightlifting thumb tape is thick and durable to maintain a tight and durable wrap without compromising flexibility during movement.

Material – 97% cotton + 3% spandex

Glue – Hot melt glue, single-sided glue, full coating

Size – 5cm*4.5m, please contact us if you need other sizes. Available sizes are 2.5cm, 3.8cm, 7.5cm, 10cm.

Color – Black and white are the regular colors, with 6 other colors available.



Super Sticky – Aupcon’s tape uses only the highest grade adhesive to make the Weightlifting thumb tape not easily fall off

Skin-friendly material – Cotton material can absorb powder and sweat, keeping fingers dry all the time

Easy to use – Can be torn apart by hand, no scissors required

Hypoallergenic – Does not contain latex, rubber, and other highly allergenic substances

No residue – Easy to remove, no glue residue


Increase Friction

The uneven cloth surface of Weightlifting thumb tape can effectively increase friction, allowing weightlifters to better grasp the grip during training and competition.

Compresses And Strengthens Joints

Weightlifting thumb tape provides compression and reinforcement to the joints and tissues of the thumb to prevent injuries and strains when gripping heavy barbells or dumbbells.

Stabilize Thumb Joint

Weightlifting thumb tape stabilizes the thumb joint and prevents the thumb from being forced into hyperextension under heavy loads. Overextending your thumb can lead to tears and sprains.

Provide Support

Weightlifting thumb tape can distribute the pressure on the thumb to the palm or other fingers, making the force on the fingers more even and preventing thumb injuries.

Enhanced Grip Strength

The hook grip tape compresses muscles and joints in the optimal position for maximum grip on the barbell.

Protect Skin

Thumb tape prevents calluses and blisters from forming due to repetitive weight training involving high-intensity barbell training.


Why do weightlifters tape their thumbs?

Employing a hook grip during weightlifting can significantly boost grip strength on the bar, but the pressure on the thumbs can cause discomfort and skin abrasions. Taping the thumbs with hook grip tape helps safeguard them by preventing painful blisters from developing while also acting as a grip enhancer to maintain a strong, stable hold.

What is the best weightlifting thumb tape?

Each brand of hook grip tape is different. The most important thing to choose the best weightlifting thumb tape is that it has good stickiness, otherwise, the hook grip tape will slip during use and it will be very dangerous to be unable to hold the barbell for a long time.

How do you use thumb tape for weightlifting?

1. Cut a hook grip tape about 2-3 inches long.
2. Secure the beginning of the tape strip to your wrist just below the base of your thumb. Wrap 25% around your wrist to adhere to the starting end before moving to your thumb.
3. Wrap the hook grip tapes securely around the entire thumb, from the knuckle to the nail bed.
4. The wrap should feel comfortable but not hinder blood circulation. Fully test your grip strength and flex your thumb to ensure your range of motion is not restricted.

Can you tape your thumbs in powerlifting?

Yes, taping your thumbs can be useful in powerlifting to improve grip strength and prevent injury.

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