Cotton self adhesive bandage wrap



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Made from breathable, sweat-wicking cotton and spandex, cotton cohesive bandage wrap is stretchy enough to move with your skin, muscles and joints without restricting movement.  

Cotton self adhesive bandage wrap


It is a self-adhesive bandage that sticks to itself without the use of adhesives on the skin. Available in a variety of sizes and colors.

Compared with non woven cohesive bandage, pure cotton self adhesive bandage wrap has thicker and more skin-friendly fabrics, brighter colors, and smoother cutting surfaces. The price is also relatively more expensive. If you need a more cost-effective product, you can learn about our non woven cohesive bandage.

Material – cotton self adhesive bandage wrap is made of 90% cotton and 10% spandex.

Color – The delivery color of the order taken is white.For wholesalers, we also have 10 other different colors available, please check the color card.

Size – 5cm*4.5m, also available in various sizes, 2.5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm, 15cm.

Function – Fixed splints for sprains and strains, edema control after varicose veins, compression to stop bleeding, fixed dressings, intravenous injections, combat injuries and field first aid to stop bleeding and bandage.

Advantages – Self-adhesive; does not stick to hair, skin, clothes ; Soft, breathable and comfortable ; Easily tear apart by hand, no need to use scissors.


Features of cotton self adhesive bandage wrap

Self-adhesive, non-stick to hair and skin

Easy to use and tearable by hand

The tightness of the bandage can be adjusted freely to avoid poor blood circulation;

Excellent elasticity and good tensile strength;

Safe, drug-free, hypoallergenic

Soft, breathable and comfortable

No glue residue, clean and refreshing

Better breathability

The fabric is thicker, more sticky and colorful

The cutting surface is flatter and more refined


Sports Protection

Cotton self adhesive bandage wrap can be used as a safety protection for various trainings, competitions, and sports. For example, football players will use it to fix spikes to prevent the spikes from falling off and causing injuries.

Medical Bandaging

At the same time, Cotton self adhesive bandage wrap can be used as a medical bandage to fix splints, compress and stop bleeding, fix dressings, and perform field first aid to stop bleeding and bandage.

Reduce Inflammation

Also effective against varicose veins, phlebitis, ulcers and subcutaneous inflammation. Reduce venous disease and lymphedema.

Animal Bandaging

Animal medical bandaging and animal sports protection, mainly used for cats, dogs and other pets

Pet Shoes

Wrap around the pet’s feet and use it as shoes, disposable, clean and hygienic



Q:What is the bandage wrap called that sticks to itself?

A:Cohesive bandage,self adhesive bandage wrap,self adhesive bandage,cohesive tape,self adherent wrap,vet wrap, etc.

Q:Can you reuse self-adhering sports wrap?

A:It is generally not recommended because wearing Cotton self adhesive bandage wrap for a long time will generate a lot of bacteria and viruses. For the sake of hygiene, it is not recommended to use it repeatedly for a long time.

Q:What bandage sticks to itself but not skin?

A:It has many names, and the names are different for different uses. The most common names are cohesive bandage, self adhesive bandage wrap, and can also be called dog bandages, cat bandage, horse bandages, etc.

Q:Which brand of bandages stick the best?

A:The glue content of each manufacturer and each batch may be different. In fact, no brand of glue is the stickiest. If you want a Cotton self adhesive bandage wrap with a higher stickiness, you can contact us to add more glue.

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