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Printed vet wrap refers to printing customizable designs, patterns, text, or images directly on the bandage to make the bandage more beautiful. It is most suitable for children and pets because most of the patterns are very cute and very popular with children or pets. Printed vet wraps have the same elastic, self-adhesive properties as regular non-woven veterinary wraps and can be used to secure dressings. Printing usually uses non-toxic water-based ink, which is safe and non-irritating.  

Printed vet wrap


Printed vet wrap generally uses artistic designs, and floral or geometric patterns as patterns, and can also be printed with brand elements, sports team logos, etc.

Printed veterinary wraps produced by Aupcon are made from a breathable non-woven material that is gentle on animal skin and fur. The bandages feature a variety of fun prints, such as paw prints, hearts, and smiley faces.

Printed veterinary wraps stick to themselves but will not stick to hair or skin. This makes it easy and secure to wrap and secure wounds, injuries, and dressings on dogs, cats, horses, and other pets. Patterned Vet Wrap provides protection and first aid while adding a touch of colorful style.

Note: When used as a Printed vet wrap, the purchaser can request to add a bitter taste to prevent pets from biting and licking.

Material – 90% non-woven + 10% spandex

Glue – Latex glue, the wholesaler can choose synthetic glue

Size – Retail default delivery is 5cm*4.5m, optional sizes are 2.5cm, 7.5cm, and 10cm

Package – Opp bag/color box/blister package

Color – Random delivery by default for retail, wholesaler can choose from 37 colors, or customize the pattern



Soft And Comfortable – The Printed vet wraps are made of soft non-woven fabric and are gentle on the skin. The material has excellent breathability to promote healing and prevent irritation.

Strong Elasticity – can provide appropriate pressure to the wound, avoid edema, and can also be used to stop bleeding

Easy To Use – The Printed vet wraps can be torn by hand, no scissors are required. Each bandage is individually packaged for easy portability.

Self-Adhesive – Strong adhesion ensures the wrap stays in place and won’t stick to fur and hair, which is suitable for animals.

Variety – Various colors and patterns, 37 patterns to choose from, such as paws smiley faces, and small squares.


Fixed Dressing

The primary purpose of a veterinary wrap is to hold other bandages, wound coverings, ice/heat packs, and pads firmly in place without slipping off.

Support Damage

Wrapping injuries such as sprains, strains, or ligament injuries with Printed vet wraps can provide pressure to support the affected joint or limb during the healing process.

Protect Limbs

Wrapping your horse’s legs or dog’s paws in a printed veterinary wrap can protect them from scrapes, bumps, and debris during activity.

Reduce Swelling

The pressure provided by a Printed vet wrap helps control inflammation and edema after surgery, trauma, or strenuous exercise.

Prevent Re-injury

Immobilizing the injured area with a Patterned veterinary wrap can reduce the risk of re-aggravating the injury before it has fully healed. It helps stabilize the injury.

Keep Warm

Use elastic Patterned vet wrap to form a layer to retain body heat, mainly used for DIY pet clothing or horse leg wraps to keep warm.

Increase Visibility

Bright color Printed vet wrap improves the visibility of horses’ legs, dogs, cats, etc. outdoors in low light conditions.


Is vet wrap the same as a self-adhesive wrap?

Vet wrap and self-adhesive wrap are the same thing, they just have different names. It also has another name called cohesive bandage.

Can people use vet wrap?

Of course, vet wrap is safe, non-toxic, and has no side effects. It can be used by both humans and animals.

What is vet wrap for humans called?

The common name is a cohesive bandage, and some people also call it a self-adhesive bandage.

Is a vet wrap better than a regular wrap?

Actually, they are the same, just have different namCan you put vet wrap on the fur?

Vet wrap is a bandage specially designed for animals and does not stick to fur.

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  1. I have repurchased it 3 times. It is very useful and better than any vet wrap I have bought before. The printed patterns are very cute. I bought random colors, and the merchant matched the colors very evenly. The price is also cheap and the quality is very good.

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  2. This vet wrap is so easy to use and sticks to itself great

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  3. I use this to wrap around my dog’s paws so he won¡¯t always lick it. But to my surprise, the whole thing came off. I must wrap it around many times to make it stay. Other than that it works on protecting his paws.

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  4. Perfect! Used the vet wrap 1) to keep socks on my dog, 2) to keep a bandage on the dog’s tummy, and 3) to make sure the dressing on my girlfriend’s scraped wrist didn’t fall off.

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