tattoo grip cover wraps



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Tattoo grip cover wraps are made of 90% non-woven fabric and 10% spandex, which can wrap the tattoo machine to prevent the body from contamination and slipping. It is self-adhesive and designed not to leave any residue on the body.  

tattoo grip cover wraps


Tattoo grip cover wraps are a solid self-adhesive tape that provides excellent support. Made of 90% non-woven fabric and 10% spandex, it sticks only to itself, not to skin, hair, or any other material. It won’t leave any sticky residue on the tattoo machine’s shiny, polished stainless steel handle. Packing more can also increase the width. It won’t slip and requires no frequent readjustments. Unlike non-adhesive bandages, self-adhesive tape does not require clips and pins to hold it in place. The material is waterproof and won’t loosen easily with sweat or water. Easy to tear without scissors. They were individually packed in plastic bags.

Material – 90% non-woven +10% spandex or 90% cotton + 10% spandex

Size – 5cm*4.5m, also available in various sizes, 2.5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm, 15cm

Color – We have more than 70 colors to choose from, but for tattoo grip cover wrap, the most commonly used are black and camouflage

Glue – Latex or Latex free

Package – The default delivery is OPP packaging. For large quantities, you can choose color box/blister package packaging.



Easy to apply, hand tear – The fabric lacks warp and weft yarns that allow it to be torn by hand and will enable the tattoo machine grip wrap to fit snugly around the body.
Individually packed, clean, and safe – Each tattoo grip cover wrap roll is packaged in a sealed opp bag marked with the date of manufacture to ensure product hygiene.
High elasticity, more comfortable to use – The addition of spandex yarn makes the tattoo machine grip wrap have excellent stretchability and recovery.
Water and breathable – The non-woven material adheres firmly even when exposed to sweat.


The function of tattoo grip cover wrap

Tattoo grip cover wrap can be wrapped around the handle of the tattoo machine to prevent imperfect work caused by slipping or physical injury to customers.

The tattoo grip cover wrap is perfect for cushioning your grip comfortably and reducing vibration, it also adjusts the comfort in use according to the thickness of the wrap.

New tattoos can be protected with a tattoo grip cover wrap. Since tattoos are created by poking holes in the dermis (inner skin), they need protection. Any external exposure could lead to infection or other more serious problems.

In addition, tattoo grip cover wraps can also be used to fix body joints, wrap tool handles, bandage pet wounds, etc.



What does grip tape do for tattoos?

Designed for tattoo artists’ comfort, the tattoo machine grips wrap tubes with a cushioning, non-slip surface. The tattoo machine grip wrap expands to customize tube diameter while protecting artists’ hands during long tattoo sessions. By adding padding and improving grip, the tape enhances control and reduces hand fatigue whether applied directly or layered over an existing cover. Tattoo Grip Tape keeps artists comfortable and focused on their work.

Why do tattoo artists wrap everything?

Tattooing is a bloody business. Pigments and blood will stain the machine. In addition to being clean, wrapping the tattoo machine will make it easier to use. If the tattoo artist covers the tattooed area with plastic wrap, it is to protect you from infection and to keep the area clean.

Do tattoo machines need to be wrapped?

Your tattoo machine may be the most important tool you need to get a tattoo. Not only must you wrap and cover your tattoo machine (and all other equipment used during the tattooing process) to create a physical barrier, but you must also clean and sanitize your tattoo machine after each use. At the same time, using a tattoo machine grip wrap can also prevent slipping and improve your user experience.

What is a good alternative to tattoo machine grip wrap for tattoos?

The most popular tattoo grip cover on the market is a cohesive bandage, which is an elastic bandage made of non-woven fabrics. It is highly recommended by various tattoo shops and institutions because it is easy to use and has no residue.

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  1. This tattoo grip cover wrap is perfect for my tattoo shop. It protects my tattoo machine very well, is easy to replace, and is cheap and very convenient.

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