Printed Athletic Tape


Printed athletic tape is an OEM product, it is made of 100% cotton fabric, very soft, excellent fit, using hot melt adhesive, latex free, minimizing skin irritation.

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Printed Athletic Tape


Printed athletic tape is an OEM product, it is made of 100% cotton fabric, very soft, excellent fit, using hot melt adhesive, latex free, minimizing skin irritation.

Conventional athletic tape does not have any patterns, it is usually white, and there are some other colors, such as black, skin color, yellow and other solid colors. However, some athletic tape suppliers who want to establish a brand will also print their own brand or some specific patterns on the tape, which is called printed athletic tape.

We are a sports tape manufacturer from China, we can do any kind of sports tape customization according to your needs, if you need, please contact us immediately.

The custom printed athletic tape is not elastic but has a strong supportive dressing that provides firm support for ankles, wrists, hands and other body parts. Special serrated edge, easy to use, can be torn by hand without scissors.

The main function of printed athletic tape

Our body exercise tape is very versatile, and different sizes can be used in a variety of different occasions.

For example, 0.8cm, 1cm, and 1.25cm are mainly used in fingers. This size is used more by rock climbers, sports athletes, and football and basketball players. It keeps the fingers from getting worn out, getting rough, or getting blisters, and it also prevents the strain caused by the huge impact of ball games.

2.5cm, 3.8cm, and 5cm are more used in joints of the body, such as knees, ankles, wrists, etc. These sizes are the most conventional sizes on the market and will be used by most athletes.

Especially for some more strenuous exercises, it can firmly fix your joints and prevent joint dislocation or sprains. It provides maximum support and comfort for the wrist, hand or ankle even during long training sessions.

In addition to fixing joints, the most common role is to fix football socks and spikes of football players; emergency bandaging and fixation after sports sprains; some hospitals also use it to fix the needles of infusion tubes, or wound dressings for disinfection after surgery, But medical ones are generally white, and printing sports tape is rarely used.

1.Printed athletic Tape Specifications

  • Material: 100% cotton, soft and comfortable
  • Color: The regular color is white, and other colors can also be customized, such as black, skin color, yellow, blue, red, pink, purple and customized patterns are all available.
  • Size: 0.8cm, 1cm, 1.25cm, 2.5cm, 3.8cm, 5cm*13.7m/9.14m or customized size
  • Glue: Zinc oxide hot melt glue, latex free, strong adhesive, ensure sports safety

2.Features of printed athletic tape

  • Easy to apply:Athletic tape for hands, no scissors needed, jagged edges design for easily tear.
  • Adhesive:The printed athletic tape stays on your skin without sliding or slipping and leaves no sticky residue
  • Strong Durability:It is designed to deliver hook grip and hand protection throughout your workout, capable of heavy weights and intense workouts with barbells, dumbbells, ropes, gymnastic rings, etc
  • Flexible & Breathable:Allowing full range of motion and natural movement patterns and it remains breathable during the sweatiest workouts

3.Custom printed athletic tape

  • OEM and ODM, acceptable
  • Custom Logo on tape fabric
  • Custom Logo on inner core
  • Custom Logo on color box
  • Custom Logo on color bag
  • Custom Logo on label
  • Custom Logo on card

About us

About us

Aupcon Medical Technology (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise which specializes in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of cohesive bandages, kinesiology tape, printed athletic tape, sports tape, and other related sports products.

Following the company philosophy of “Focusing on products, Serving the market”, Aupocn has developed a full range of bandages and tape products which are widely used in hospital clinical treatment and rehabilitation, sports protection, home first-aid and healthcare, animal protection and healthcare, pet grooming and other areas.

Aupcon’s main products include cohesive elastic bandages, kinesiology tape, body athletic tape, under wrap, all of which are available in various specifications and colors and have been exported to Europe, America, Australia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Japan.

Packing and shipping

Packing of body tape for body strapping tape

Regular sizes and standard packing info:

Size Packaging Carton Size(cm) G. W(kg)
1″ × 15yds


48rolls/box, 6boxes/carton, 288rolls/carton 52.5*33.5*35.5 25
1.5″ × 15yds


32rolls/box, 6boxes/carton, 192rolls/carton 52.5*33.5*35.5 22
2″ × 15yds


24rolls/box, 6boxes/carton, 144rolls/carton 52.5*33.5*35.5 21
1″ × 10yds


48rolls/box, 6boxes/carton, 288rolls/carton 52.5*33.5*35.5 19
1.5″ × 10yds


32rolls/box, 6boxes/carton, 192rolls/carton 52.5*33.5*35.5 17
2″ × 10yds


24rolls/box, 6boxes/carton, 144rolls/carton 52.5*33.5*35.5 17

Shipping of printed athletic tape

Logistics Methods:

Fast logistics:

Express, such as FedEx, DHL and UPS, the shipping time usually is 1-2 weeks, the fastest may be 3 working days, can be delivered to your address.

Economic logistics:

Air line, Sea or Train, the transportation time is a little longer, but it includes import taxes, and can be delivered to your address.

Own logistics:

Alibaba logistics has more choices, cheaper freight, and longer transportation time, because it needs to be shipped to Alibaba’s designated warehouse first



1.Is printed athletic tape Waterproof?

50% waterproof, not easy to fall off when sweating

2.Does body athletic tapework for toes?

Can be used to protect the toes

3.Is it reusable?

It is disposable sports tape, only one time use.

4.Will this come off if too much sweat comes intact with it?

It works when you wrap around where you use it, it will not come off.

5.What’s the difference between athletic tape and kinesiology tape?

Sports athletic tape is often used to limit unwanted movement at a joint, which helps athletes recover from ligament sprains and helps prevent further injury. For kinesiology tape is more flexible and elastic. When applied to the skin, it bunches the top layer of skin and lifts it away from the muscle, creating a small gap between skin and muscle. This allows for smooth muscle movement, increased blood flow, and lymphatic drainage, which helps decrease pain.

6.Can I apply sports directly to my skin or do i need prewrap?

You don’t need to wear under wrap underneath this athletic tape, but it is recommended as it protects the skin from the tape’s adhesive.


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