Pre cut Tape


Pre cut tape is a kind of muscle tape that has been cut in advance according to a specific shape and specific size. The original intention of its design is to better adapt to various parts of your body, and the shape of pre cut tape is different for different parts.

Size: 5cm*5m

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Pre cut Tape



Pre cut tape

Pre cut kinesiology tape is a physical therapy and injury prevention body part tape designed to support muscles and joints during physical activity or recovery from injury. Unlike traditional athletic tape, which restricts movement and provides rigid support, kinesiology tape pre cut is elastic and flexible, allowing a full range of motion while providing support and stability.

Pre cut kinesiology tapes are pre-cut to specific shapes and sizes and can be applied directly to specific areas of the body without cutting or shaping tape. This saves time and effort for users who need to apply tape quickly and efficiently, especially during sports or other physical activities.

The main function of Pre cut kinesiology tape

Kinesiology tape pre cutworks by lifting the skin slightly off the underlying muscles and fascia, creating space and allowing for better circulation and lymphatic drainage. This helps reduce inflammation, pain, and swelling, while also improving range of motion and muscle function.

Pre cut kinesiology tapes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit different body areas such as knees, shoulders, ankles and back. Kinesiology tape pre cut may also come in different colors and patterns for aesthetic purposes. Overall, pre cut kinesiology tape is a convenient and effective solution for individuals requiring targeted support and relief of muscles and joints.

1. Specifications of pre cut tape

  • Material:95% Cotton+5%Spandex
  • Product length:Approx 5m
  • Product width:5cm
  • Product weight:About 87g/roll

2. Features of pre cut tape

  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Fixed length, torn directly by hand
  • Non-restrictive, allowing for a full range of motion
  • Using 100% medical glue, no worry about allergy
  • The wave pattern adhesive backing moves with the skin and muscles
  • Relaxing overused tired muscles and supporting muscles movement
  • Improving the body’s natural healing process by helping to increase blood flow around the muscle

3.Customized service

Aupcon is a pre cut kinesiology tape manufacturer from China – we can provide any form of OEM and ODM service for your brand. We can help you pre cut kinesiology tape into any shape you want.

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Q:What’s the difference between pre-cut kinesiology tape and regular kinesiology tape:

A:Packaging and Application: Pre-cut kinesiology tapes come in pre-cut shapes and sizes designed to fit specific body parts, whereas regular kinesiology tapes come in rolls and need to be cut and shaped by the user.

Pre-cut tape is quicker and easier to use because the user does not need to spend time cutting and shaping the tape.

EASY TO USE: Pre-cut kinesiology tape is easier to use than regular kinesiology tape because the user does not require any cutting or shaping skills and the tape can be applied quickly without measuring or cutting the tape.

ACCURACY: Pre-cut kinesiology tape is more accurate than regular kinesiology tape because it is designed to fit specific body parts and ensure proper placement of the tape for optimal therapeutic results.

Customization: Regular kinesiology tapes offer more customization options, such as the ability to cut the tape to desired lengths and shapes, while pre-cut kinesiology tapes offer limited customization options.

Price: Pre-cut kinesiology tape is usually more expensive than regular kinesiology tape because it is more convenient and accurate.

Availability: Generic kinesiology tape is readily available at most sporting goods stores and online, while pre-cut kinesiology tape may have more limited availability depending on the brand and supplier.

Overall, there are pros and cons to both pre-cut kinesiology tape and regular kinesiology tape.

Despite these differences, both pre-cut and regular kinesiology tapes have similar therapeutic benefits, such as supporting muscles and joints, improving circulation and lymphatic drainage, and reducing pain and inflammation.

The choice between the two tapes is largely a matter of personal preference and the specific needs of the user.

Q: How much does this tape stretch?
A: The stretch of sports tape can go from 50-80%.

Q: Is it latex-free?
A: Sure, and it is also Hypoallergenic.

Q: What’s the total length of a roll?
A: It’s about 5m(16.4ft), but you can also customize length.

Q: Is this the best brand? The quality of how?
A: Yes, we sell to a lot of big Amazon sellers and the quality is evident.

Q: How many patches are in each roll?
A: 20 Precut 10 Inch Strips.


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