Camo kinesiology tape


Camo kinesiology tape is a type of kinesiology tape that features a camouflage pattern. It help reduce pain, improve performance, and promote faster recovery.

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Camo kinesiology tape



Camo kinesiology tape

Camo kinesiology tape is a type of kinesiology tape that features a camouflage pattern.Camo kinesiology tape can also be called camo tape or camo sports tape. Camo tape is a thin, stretchy, and adhesive tape that is used to provide support and stability to muscles and joints. Camo tape is commonly used by athletes and individuals recovering from injuries to help reduce pain, improve performance, and promote faster recovery.

Camo tape is essentially the same as regular kinesiology tape, but with a camouflage design. The camouflage pattern is purely aesthetic and does not affect the functionality or effectiveness of the tape.Camo tape is primarily used for personal style or to match specific uniforms or gear in sports or outdoor activities.

 The main function of camo kinesiology tape

 The main function of camo sports tape, like any other kinesiology tape, is to provide support and stability to muscles and joints. It is designed to be applied directly to the skin over the targeted area to assist in injury prevention, pain reduction, and performance enhancement.

But because of its special pattern, it also adds many different uses to it.

For example, camo sports tape can camouflage your gun. In many live CS projects, people need to camouflage their guns and skins to prevent the enemy from finding you. Our camo sports tape come in many different colors, allowing you to easily conceal yourself in any environment.

During the jungle adventure, you will encounter a lot of mosquitoes and flying insects. It will be very uncomfortable to wear long-sleeved clothes in a hot environment. At this time, you can use camo sports tape instead of long sleeve clothes to protect your bare skin. Camo sports tape is elastic so it will not be tight, and it is very viscous, so it is very docile when used on the skin. Camo sports tape also relieves muscle fatigue you cause during exercise.

Specifications of camo kinesiology tape

Material: 95%Cotton+5%spandex

Gender: Unisex

Size: 5cm*5m≈90g/roll

Color: 23 Colors for Choice

Package Quantity: muscle bandage tape is 144 per carton

Features of camo kinesiology tape

1.Our muscle cramp tape is Waterproof, elastic, breathable,Skin-friendly .

2.Appilcable scene: Exercise, physical therapy, weight loss.

3.reduce swelling problems and help lymphatic circulation.

4.Suitable for almost all parts of the body.

5.Our team tape kinesiologyhas stable adhesive.

6.muscle ache tapeis made in China.



1. Is it Waterproof and comfortable?

Yes, the muscle ache tape is Waterproof and skin friendly.

2.Can we have our own company logo on the muscle bandage tape/ inner core/ back paper/ box?

Yes, support customize logo on the tape,inner core, back paper, and customzie box for tape.

3.What should I do before using the muscle cramp tape?

Clear and dry your skin 20 minutes before sports, cut the size of team tape kinesiology you need, then tear the paper, stick on you skin, stretch in the middle, pls don’t stretch both ends, rub a few times for better stickiness.

4.Do you have bulk discounts or price concessions?

The price is negotiable. It will change according to your quantity or package. When you make an inquiry, please tell us the products you need and the quantity you want. We will send you a quotation as soon as possible.

We are willing to provide discount plans for those companies who want to become our agents or some customers who need to use our products in bulk.

5.How to ship my order from your factory to me?

It depends on your order quantity, such as volume, gross weight, and delivery time.

Air freight, air freight, ocean freight have always been the main shipping methods, while the freight rates and delivery times vary widely.

Before the order is confirmed, you will get our professional advice on shipping, so please contact us for more details.


Customize camo kinesiology tape

  • Different colors of muscle bandage tapefor choose, pure colors, camo colors. The color of tape also can be customized according to pantone color code .
  • The paper core of muscle cramp tapealso can be customized with your logo according to your design .
  • For packaging, also can make the customized individual box of muscle bandage tape, minimum quantity just need to reach 500 pcs.
  • If you’d like to customize other packagings ofmuscle ache tape, you can send us inquiry to get more information.
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