1 inch athletic tape


1 Inch Athletic Tape is made of 100% cotton and is perfect for athletes who need to wrap their ankles, feet, knees and any other body part that needs extra support.


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1 inch athletic tape

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1 inch athletic tape

1 inch athletic tape is made of 100% cotton, converted into centimeters is 2.5cm athletic tape. Ideal for athletes who need to wrap their ankles, feet, knees and any other body part that needs extra support. Non-elastic cotton adhesive zinc tape is our best selling non-elastic sports medicine body tape. Zinc oxide tape 2.5 cm has excellent viscosity. It is usually not recommended to use it directly on the skin on a large area.

If you need to use it on a large area, it is recommended to use it together with foam, so that it will be more convenient to remove and will not damage the skin. Our athletic body tape is widely used in ankle and wrist strap applications with the goal of providing joint support while reducing range of motion. It is also often used as boxing tape, athletic support tape, Athletic tape for pain.

The main function of 1 inch athletic tape

Athletic support tape for pain: Our athletic body tape helps reduce tissue stress and provide joint support to help you recover from pain faster.

Support joints: During strenuous exercise, your ankles, knees or wrists are easily sprained. Use athletic support tape before exercise to limit the range of motion of the joints, support your joints, and reduce the chance of injury

Simple fixation: If you are accidentally injured, athletic support tape can help you fix your injured joint simply like plaster, so that it will not be injured again.

1.1 inch athletic tape specification

Material: The athletic support tape is made of 100% cotton, ideal for physical therapy and therapists.

Tape Roll Dimensions: 1″ x 15 yards.

Package Quantity: 1 inch athletic support tape 288 per carton

2.. Features of 1 inch athletic tape

100% Latex Free: Products without natural rubber and latex tend to be the lowest in allergies, keeping you away from allergy risks

Very soft and comfortable: Adhesive zinc tape is a tape made of cotton cloth, different from industrial tape, it is a body tape that protects your body like a second skin.

Tear off with your fingers: 1 inch athletic tape is skin-friendly, breathable, and can be easily torn off by hand without using scissors. Sports support tape for easy emergency use at any time. Enjoy your training!

Non-sticky skin: Adhesive zinc tape is made of special glue, which is more viscous and non-sticky to the skin. Zinc oxide tape 2.5 cm stays in place for a long time, perfect for hockey sticks, rock climbing, cleats, football, perfect for every team and occasion. Make sure you give your best in every game, contest, game or practice.

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About US

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We have professional design team which can design artwork for customers. And we also have strict quality control and professional source team.We are high welcome every customer from all over the world to cooperate with us to create a better future!

Customize 1 inch athletic tape

  • Different colors of adhesive zinc tapefor choose,White, yellow, purple, green, black, red, orange, green, blue colors.  Colors also can be customized according to pantone color code .
  • Inner core of zinc oxide tape 2.5 cmalso can be customized with your logo according to your design .
  • For packaging, also can make the customized individual box of athletic body tape, minimum quantity just need to reach 500 pcs.
  • If you’d like to customize other packagings ofathletic support tape, kindly please send us inquiry to get more information.


Package of 1 inch athletic tape

Specification Inner box size Rolls/inner box Rolls/carton Carton size
1inchx15yards 32×16.8×16.9 48 288 52.5×33.5×37.5cm
1.5inchx15yards 32×16.8×16.9 32 192 48.5×33.5x36cm
2inchx15yards 32×16.8×16.9 24 144 48.5×33.5x36cm

 Shipping for zinc oxide tape 2.5 cm

We have our own shipping agent which support express FEDEX,UPS,DHL , and air, train, sea , all are ok. Goods can be delivered safely and promptly to your address . In addition, if you have your forward, we also can ship through your shipping forwarder.

How to use

strapping tape ankle strapping tape hand strapping tape hand strapping tape hand strapping tape hand strapping tape knee strapping tape ankle strapping tape hand



1. Is the zinc oxide tape 2.5 cm comfortable?

Yes, it’s made of 100% cotton, it’s very kind to skin, and if it is used properly it is very supportive.

2.Can we have our own company logo on the athletic body tape/ inner core/  box?

Yes, it is available.

3.What should I do before using the adhesive zinc tape?

Before using the athletic support tape, please clean and dry your skin prior to application of your tape.

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