Elastic adhesive bandage



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Elastic adhesive bandage is a sports medical bandage used to fix dressings and cover and protect wounds. It is referred to as EAB tape or EAB bandage. Some call it EAB sports tape, yellow line bandage, or blue line bandage.  

Elastic adhesive bandage


EAB tape is a high-quality cotton and a mild adhesive that sticks to the skin. Elastic adhesive bandages are often used with sterile dressings. It comes in various sizes and is mainly used for major wounds and post-operative dressings. They compress the wound, prevent contamination, and promote healing.

In addition to fixed dressings, EAB bandages can be used as a sports package to support joints, especially in rugby sports. It can fix lifting blocks to the lineout’s thighs and protect the head and ears during the scrum. Elastic adhesive bandage is also the tape for many professionals for firm, sustained compression and support of non-weight-bearing joints.

Material – Cotton

Adhesive – Zinc Oxide Hot Melt Adhesive

Width – 5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm

Length – 4.5m

Color – white, skin color



Thick and durable – EAB tape is made of thick cotton, which is very strong and durable, especially suitable for occasions that require long-term use, such as wrapping plaster after fracture surgery.

Adhesive – Elastic adhesive bandage has a strong adhesive on one side, so it sticks to the skin and stays in place.

Gentle and non-irritating – EAB tape’s adhesive is latex-free, gentle, and non-irritating to the skin.

Breathable – There are many small holes on the adhesive surface of the yellow line bandage, allowing a certain amount of air circulation in the wound area.

Convenient – Self-securing, no pins or buckles required.

Centerline design  This helps promote correct overlap and even compression. It also helps reduce waste!


  • For sprains, joint pain, and after-cast removal.
  • As a pressure dressing.
  • General Surgery, Orthopedics, Sports Injuries and Post-Surgical Conditions.
  • Rugby taping.
  • Supporting weakened joints.
  • Preventing further injury.
  • Compression to the muscles.
  • Joint stabilization.
  • Supporting bandage for strains and sprains.
  • Fixing bandages for hot cold packs.


What is EAB tape used for?

Medical accessories are used to fix and support joints during exercise.

What does EAB stand for tape?

EAB usually stands for Yellow Line Bandage.

What is the strongest adhesive tape for wood?

Zinc oxide, hook grip, and elastic adhesive bandage all have strong stickiness. The surface of zinc oxide tape is more delicate, the hook grip tape has great elasticity, and the fabric of EAB tape is thicker. Each batch of products produced by each manufacturer will have certain differences. There is no tape with the strongest stickiness, only the one that suits you best.

What is elastic adhesive tape?

The range of elastic adhesive tape is very large. According to its name, any elastic and sticky tape can be called elastic adhesive tape, but most people default to it as EAB tape, also called yellow line bandage or blue line bandage.

What size is EAB tape?

2.5CM – Elastic adhesive bandages can be used to protect smaller joints such as ears, fingers, and toes. It is mostly used for weightlifting or ring exercises and can be worn instead of hook grip tape.

5CM – Ideal for ankle, wrist and knee taping. Because the fabric is thick, it’s very supportive.

7.5CM – Large joints such as knees and shoulders.

10CM – This size is ideal for post-operative dressings and wound dressings.


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Elastic adhesive bandage Elastic adhesive bandage
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