Synthetic kinesiology tape


Synthetic kinesiology tape – Aupcon can support various color and waterproof material for your brand.

Vivid colours and good quality, more waterproof and less allergenic than cotton kinesiology tape.

Size: 5cm*5m

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Synthetic kinesiology tape



Synthetic kinesiology tape

Synthetic kinesiology tape consists of 95% synthetic, 5% spandex, the synthetic fibres absorb less water than cotton does, so the tapes are drying much faster after having a shower or after swimming and it is possible to wear them over several days.

For kinesiology sports athletic tape is used by professional athletes to support muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments. It is drug-free, latex-free, hypoallergenic, breathable, comfortable, and easy to use.

Because Synthetic kinesiology tape is made of synthetic fibers, it is more wear-resistant and will not fluff or pill. It is suitable for light to moderate activities, and there is no problem wearing it for 4-7 days.

The main function of synthetic kinesiology tape

Synthetic kinesiology tape comes in many sizes:

2.5cm*5m is often used on fingers, toes and other parts. Its main function is to protect fingers from wear and tear. It is the best choice for rock climbers, bowlers and weightlifters.

3.8cm*5m is often used under the face to lift the chin, shape the face, reduce neck wrinkles, etc.

5cm*5m is the most common size, people who are 95 years old choose this, it is more plastic, this size is suitable for most of the joints of the body, such as wrists, ankles, knees and so on.

7.5cm*5m is mainly aimed at larger muscle groups, such as the shoulders and thighs of men with more developed muscles. It can also be used as a breast patch to help women with larger breasts enhance their breasts.

10cm*5m is the most popular among women who love beauty. They are used as a girdle. Its large elasticity can help them shrink the small belly of the abdomen and make their bodies look slimmer.

Specifications of synthetic kinesiology tape

1.Material: 95% synthetic+5%Spandex

2.Size:Normal width ranges from 2.5cm, 3.5cm,5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm .Normal length can be 5m, 30m, 35m.Can be customized size

3.Color: color card are available, can be customized

4.Glue:Medical sensitive glue

5.Classification:Class I

6.Printing Logo:available

7.OEM or ODM: available

8.Advantages:Water-resistant, highly elastic, hypoallergenic

9.Application: Sports protection, rehabilitation therapy

10.Package:1roll/film or color box

2.Features of synthetic kinesiology tape

1.Water proof and sweat proof, waterproof inside and outside without falling off

2.Cotton fabric, Soft, breathable, non irritating

3.Sticky, more than 3 days.

4.Hypoallergenic (Medical Acrylic Glue)

5.Elasticity ≥170%, assist in muscle extension and contraction to enhance the stretching effect

6.Back mesh lining paper, auxiliary cutting of backing paper without measuring tools

7.Wave water ripple, unique wave adhesive design, strong viscosity

8.Easily customized for all shapes needed


custom synthetic kinesiology tape

Customized box

Paper core printing

Back paper printing

Cloth printing

Instruction manual

Head card print-ing

Blister package

Storage box package

For details, please click:custom kinesiology tape.(



1.Q: Is free sample available?

A: Yes, we can send you free samples 2-4 rolls for quality check, shipping cost is your side.

2.Q: Are you manufacturer?

A: Yes, we are professional manufacturer of sports tape.

Our factory located in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, which is adjacent to Shanghai.

3.Q: What’s your main product?

A: Mainly products are cohesive bandage, kinesiology tape, sports athletic tape and some related sports products.

4.Q: Is OEM available?

Yes, we can offer OEM Service.

5.Q: How about the lead time?

A: Normal products 1-7 working days;

If do customized, after payment received and all packing details confirmed 15-30 working days.

6.Q: Where is the loading port?

Loading port: Shanghai or Ningbo, others place in China according your requirement.



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