waist trainer tape



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Our custom waist trainer tape wrap can help you shape your waistline and burn fat while supporting your waist. It is produced by manufacturer Aupcon, it can be customized in large quantities or purchased in small quantities, with no MOQ.  

waist trainer tape


Waist trainer tape

Waist trainer tape wrap is a kind of abdominal tape, which is made of cotton cloth, which is soft and comfortable. At the same time, it is very elastic because of the addition of 5% spandex. Compared with ordinary non-adhesive belts, their biggest advantage is that they can be fixed on the waist and will not move back and forth with your movements.

The main function of Waist trainer tape wrap is to correct body shape, shape the body, lift hips, fix and protect the waist, slim waist and lose weight, lift abdominal skin, and help rectus abdominis muscle recovery.

Material – 95% Cotton+5%Spandex

Product length – Approx 5m/32m

Product width – 5cm/6.35cm/7.5cm/10cm/17cm

Glue – Acrylic glue/Henkel glue

Package – color box/plastic packaging





Helpful for fitness

Can help burn fat

Helpful for low back pain



Correct Body Shape

Waist trainer tape wrap can be used to protect and maintain the normal state of the connection structure of the hip joint and lumbar spine supporting the human pelvis, thereby correcting the body shape, and can not only be used to treat low back pain, neuralgia or internal organ function caused by abnormalities in these parts in daily life Disorders and other diseases can also be effectively prevented.

Body Shaping, Butt Lift

This product is a new type of kinesiology tape belly, which is easy to wear and has a significant effect in shaping the body and lifting the buttocks; at the same time, it can maximize the most delicate movements required in daily life without tension and discomfort comfortability.

Secures And Protects Waist

When exercising, the belt can play a perfect role in fixing and protecting the waist. It can reduce the pressure on the waist muscles and protect the core from soreness, sprains, and other accidents.

Slim Waist And Lose Weight

Kinesiology tape belly also means thinning the waist and losing weight, so it can also be called kinesiology tape for belly fat or kinesiology tape for belly fat. Kinesiology tape belly fat has excellent elasticity. Using it to bind the abdomen and stomach can reduce your hunger and achieve the goal of dieting and losing weight.

Lift Abdominal Skin

Another function of kinesiology tape belly fat is to lift the skin of the abdomen. Mothers who have just given birth usually face the dilemma of loose bellies and noticeable stretch marks. Kinesiology tape belly fat can help you lift your belly and speed up the recovery of abdominal


How to choose the kinesiology tape belly fat size?

To ensure you get the correct size, use a tape measure to measure your waist and hips. Once you have these, please refer to our size guide to get the correct size for you.

How many hours per day should I wear it?

Apply to the waist for 1 hour to 8 hours a day to start seeing results.

You can also wear it under your clothes in your daily life.

Will abdominal tape replace my workouts?

Abdominal tape is an aid to exercise. Our abdominal tape is designed for use while exercising.

How does the waist trainer tape feel when worn?

It should feel snug around your waist after light compression. It is unlikely that it will make you uncomfortable, if you do, please adjust the waist trainer tape length size (if this is the case, you may have ordered a smaller size).

Is the waist trainer tape wrap convenient to use?

Yes, waist trainer tape wrap is actually a kind of kinesiology tape, it is very convenient to use, you only need to tear off the adhesive tape and wrap it around the waist a few times.

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