Skiing face tape



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Skiing face tape, also called Olympic skier face tape or anti-freeze face tape, is a flexible cotton tape with an acrylic adhesive. Anti-freeze face tape is gentle on the skin and easy to remove, making it ideal for cold weather or skiing. When the weather gets extremely cold, a faceband can be used as an insulator to protect exposed skin. Skiing face tape reduces the risk of frostbite by isolating cold winds and protecting the nose, cheeks, and other exposed and vulnerable parts of the face.

Skiing face tape


Material – 95% cotton+10% spandex+acrylic glue.

Function – Avoid facial frostbite, prevent water vapor from condensing on the face, and prevent skin dryness caused by wind.

Who uses skiing face tape – Olympic skiers, downhill and cross-country skiers, winter runners, and cyclists.

Packaging – Each package contains 4 pieces; 1 for the nose, 2 for the cheek, and 1 for the forehead or chin.

Color – Regular colors are pink camouflage and blue camouflage, more customized colors are supported.



Designed according to facial contours to fit the face shape

Skiing face tape is easy to remove and leaves no residue

Medical-grade glue, will not harm the skin

Surface material, soft and comfortable

Corrugated rubber, good breathability

Good stickiness and does not ea fall off


Provides an insulating layer against the cold and keeps your face warm.

Skiing face tape can form a thermal insulation layer on the face to isolate cold air, prevent the loss of temperature on the face, and keep the face warm.

Isolate cold wind and relieve the discomfort caused by direct cold wind blowing

Skiing projects usually require you to be outdoors for a morning, an afternoon, or even longer. Long-term wind blowing will make people very uncomfortable. Anti-freeze face tape can effectively alleviate discomfort, help you stay hydrated, and prevent dryness.

Prevent frostbite caused by extreme cold conditions

Olympic skier when skiing, the skis move at a speed of 60 Mph/h. Frostbite is easily caused when the temperature is extremely low. Olympic skier face tape can protect your face and minimize the chance of frostbite.

Isolate ultraviolet rays and prevent sunburn.

Strong ultraviolet rays can cause irreversible damage to the skin, including tanning and peeling. Skiing face tape can alleviate this symptom.

It comes in fun colors and patterns to give the skier more personalization.

Olympic skier face tape has many interesting patterns, such as the flag of your own country. If you use the flag pattern during competition, it will make you more eye-catching and allow others to see at a glance which country you represent.


Why do skiers wear skiing face tape on their faces?

When athletes maintain high-speed movement, the cold wind blowing on their faces is like a knife cutting them, and the risk of frostbite is greatly increased. Skiing face tape can protect the face.

Is there a tape to protect your face from the cold?

Yes, of course, the skiing face tape produced by aupcon is a thermal tape specially designed for the face, which can protect your skin from the cold and wind.

What tape is best for the face?

Facial skin is delicate, so medical-grade glue and softer materials must be used. Skier face tape is made of cotton and acrylic glue. It is a pre-cut patch of kinesiology tape that fits the contours of the face. It is the most suitable tape for use on the face.

How do I protect my nose from skiing?

You can use a scarf, or you can use skier face tape, which is specially designed for skiers and its main function is to protect your cheeks and nose from injury.

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