Diabetes sensor patch



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The diabetes sensor patch secures the glucose meter’s sensor and transmitter to the skin and ensures it stays there without moving. It usually needs to be replaced every 1-2 weeks. The diabetes sensor patch is made of cotton, is light and comfortable, and you won’t even feel its existence. It’s very elastic and can follow your body’s movements to avoid getting stuck and causing discomfort. The design of the adhesive paper makes it very convenient to use.

Diabetes sensor patch


Material – 95% cotton + 5% spandex

Size – 9cm*9cm, 8cm*11cm,7cm*7cm,8.5cm*10.2cm

Shapes – Round, Oval, Custom Shapes

Packaging – 25 pieces per pack, regular packaging is a plastic bag, aluminum foil bag, and the color box can be customized

Color – skin tone, custom colors

Applicable brands – Abbott FreeStyle, Dexcom G4, G5, G6, Medtronic, glucology, skin grip, grifgrips, Enlite, Guardian 3, etc.



Strong Adhesion – Our diabetes sensor patch uses acrylic glue, which has stable viscosity, long-lasting effectiveness, and low irritation.

Easy to use – Our Glucose meter patch is easy to use, just like a band-aid, with no complicated steps.

Good breathability – Compared to traditional transparent Glucose meter patches, our fabric material has better breathability

WATERPROOF – The diabetes sensor patch by Wemade dries quickly, preventing sweat and water from loosening your device.

Hypoallergenic Adhesive – Latex-free, 100% acrylic adhesive.

Non-stick center: It doesn’t stick to your sensor, but goes around it, causing no damage to the sensor if you need to replace the patch.


A diabetes sensor is a wearable medical device that continuously monitors glucose levels in subcutaneous tissue fluid. Inaccurate placement or displacement of the sensor will result in inaccurate data measurement. The diabetes sensor patch can help the blood glucose meter to be firmly fixed in the same position, improving data accuracy.

These Glucose meter patches prevent the device from loosening from the skin or being damaged by sweat, allowing you to test while enjoying various sports, such as jogging, swimming, playing badminton, etc.


How long does the Glucose meter patch last?

A glucose meter patch usually lasts about 10 days, if there is no excessive friction, it can even stay longer

What is a diabetes CGM patch?

The CGM patch is a tape to hold freestyle libre, which secures the CGM sensor and transmitter to the skin. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your equipment and personal preferences. Most brands are made with medical-grade hypoallergenic and “skin-friendly” adhesives.

Why is the Dexcom patch used?

The adhesive patch holds the CGM device in place, preventing movement so that it can measure glucose readings in the interstitial fluid 24/7 without errors due to movement.

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