kinesiology tape 2.5 cm


kinesiology tape 2.5 cm is Aupcon’s regular size, this size tape is mainly used for fingers or face. The material is 95% cotton + 5% spandex, which is extremely extensible and can be stretched up to 170%. It’s super soft, comfortable and offers extra protection.


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kinesiology tape 2.5 cm



kinesiology tape 2.5 cm is the regular size of Aupcon, converted into inches is 1 inch kinesiology tape, this size of KT tape is mainly used on fingers or face. The main material of kinesiology tape 2.5 cm is 95% high-quality natural cotton. In order to increase its elasticity, we added 5% spandex yarn to it, which makes it very extensible, and can be stretched by up to 170%. The material of athletic taping is very soft, like your second skin for added protection.

The main function of kinesiology tape 2.5 cm

1.Protects fingers from abrasion and prevents blisters

When athletic taping is used as finger tape, its main function is to protect finger skin, prevent blisters, and prevent abrasion. Many rock climbers, weightlifters and bowlers use athletic taping to wrap around their fingers during tough training or competitions to prevent blisters and calluses.

2.Protect nail art, protect your beauty

kinesiology tape 2.5 cm can also protect your nails. Many girls who love beauty will do nail art, which makes your hands look more attractive. In order to keep in shape, most girls will insist on exercising. The manicure that has just been done is easily damaged during exercise. athletic taping can let you have no worries.

3.Eliminate wrinkles and maintain youthful vitality

kinesiology tape 2.5 cm is the most commonly used face tape size, it is usually applied at night before going to bed. Before going to bed at night, put a piece of tape on both sides of the wrinkles, you can use the elasticity of the tape to stretch the wrinkles, achieve the effect of physical anti-wrinkle, and reduce wrinkles.

Specifications of kinesiology tape 2.5 cm

  • Material: 95% cotton + 5% spandex
  • Glue: Imported acrylic glue and Henkel glue
  • Size:2.5cm*5m,3.8cm*5m,5cm*5m,7.5cm*5m,10cm*5m or customized
  • Elasticity:170% elasticity is the same as that of human skin
  • Brand Name:Aupcon or OEM
  • Colors: 24 colors available
  • Sample:Free samples available
  • Weight: 2.5cm*5m About 40g

Features of athletic taping

  • Latex and natural rubber free
  • Wide range of product sizes for a wide range of uses
  • Sweatproof, waterproof, not easy to fall off
  • Natural material, skin-friendly and breathable, very comfortable
  • Strong stickiness, sustainable use for 3-5 days
  • Factory direct sales, cheap prices, no middlemen to make the difference



1: How to ship my athletic taping from your factory to me?

It depends on your order quantity, such as volume, gross weight, and delivery time.

Air freight, ocean freight have always been the main shipping methods, while the freight rates and delivery times vary widely.

Before the order is confirmed, you will get our professional advice on shipping, so please contact us for more details.

2: What about the payment terms?

All payments should be settled before shipping, you can choose T/T, L/C, MoneyGram, PayPal, Western Union, Escrow, etc.

Accepted payment currencies: USD, RMB;

Accepted delivery terms: FOB, CIF, EXW, FCA;

3.What’s the benefit of doing business with us?

1) We guarantee the quality of our products. AIl our products are manufactured by professional factories with

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Custom athletic taping

Our regular athletic taping has 24 colors, other colors can be customized if your quantity reaches 3000 rolls.

Our backing paper is generally in the shape of blue grid, if your quantity reaches 3000 rolls, you can customize the backing paper of athletic taping.

Our fabrics are usually solid color, if you have a better idea, you can custom print as your request.

Our paper tubes and covers are usually blank, for quantities up to 3000 rolls, you can send us your ideas for custom printed paper tubes and covers.

Both the inner and outer boxes of our small color boxes can be customized. For details, you can also consult our sales.


Specification inner box size Rolls/inner box Rolls/carton


12 240
5cm*5m 6 120
7.5cm*5m 4 80


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