10cm kinesiology tape



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10cm kinesiology tape is made of breathable and stretchable material, usually cotton or spandex material. It is designed to provide enough compression and support to enhance the strength of muscles and tissues. Latex-free, its adhesive is hypoallergenic for those who may be allergic to latex. Waterproof, sweatproof, and with excellent adhesion, the effect is even better.

10cm kinesiology tape


10cm kinesiology tape is made of breathable and stretchable material, usually cotton or spandex material. It is designed to provide enough compression and support to build muscle and tissue strength. It can also be called a 4-inch kinesiology tape, 4-inch kt tape, or 10 cm kinesio tape. Usually, 4-inch kinesiology tape will be used as football turf tape, boob tape, and waist trainer tape.

This 4-inch kinesiology tape is latex-free and its adhesive is hypoallergenic for those who may be allergic to latex. Because of its water and sweat resistance and excellent adhesion, the 4-inch Kinesiology Tape typically lasts three to four days, even in the shower or during exercise.

Material – 95% Cotton+5% Spandex

Color – Blue/ Black / Skin / Pink or custom

Brand – Aupcon/OEM

Size – 10cm*5m or custom

Type – kinesiology tape, sports tape



Multiple Uses – No matter professional sports who are in daily training or just starting to exercise in the gym, 4-inch kinesiology tape can provide support for various sports training and effectively prevent muscle strain.

Pain Relief – 10cm kinesiology tape can alleviate pain caused by muscle, tendon, or ligament strains. 4-inch wide kinesiology tape can become a savior for professional athletes and active individuals who experience pain after intensive exercise. Proper use of 4-inch kinesiology tape to relieve pain will help you forget about injuries, soreness, and swelling.

Excellent Joint Support – 10cm kinesiology tape can provide reliable support for our joints during long matches or training periods. If you do not use sturdy, comfortable, and easy-to-use 4-inch kinesiology tape to support areas that are prone to injury, do not take the risk of exercising. This 4-inch kinesiology tape is perfect for exercising during the recovery process, as it does not limit your range of motion.

Hyposensitivity, Waterproof & Breathable – 10cm kinesiology tape does not contain latex or rubber, and will not affect sensitive skin. This breathable kinesiology tape 4 inch does not need to be reapplied every day. Due to its excellent adhesion, 4-inch kinesiology tape can remain in place for several days even during intense exercise or when worn under clothing.


Boob tape-10cm kinesiology tape can be used as breast lift tape, this width is especially suitable for women with D-H cups. It can just wrap your chest without repeating multiple tapes, 2 is enough.

Waist trainer tape-10cm kinesiology tape can also be used as a magic tape for the stomach, it can bind your stomach, relieve your hunger, and assist in weight loss. It can also help you shape your figure and make you look less obese.

turf tape-10cm kinesiology tape can also be used as football arm turf tape. The main function of turf tape is that in lawn sports, turf tape can prevent skin abrasions caused by falls when encountering severe collisions. This width is just enough to completely wrap the entire elbow or palm.



Does the 10cm x 5m kinesiology tape support custom?
Yes, Colors, packaging, and instructions all support customization…

Can provide a free sample of the 4-inch wide kinesiology tape?
Not only 4-inch kinesiology tape but also other products. We could offer a free sample service, but the express fee is on your own.

How about the lead time of 4-inch wide kinesiology tape?
Within 15-20 days for regular packaging; within 20-25 days for OEM production, exact lead time upon the quantity of your order and the packaging you require.

The 4-inch wide kinesiology tape can be applied to open wounds or damaged skin?
No, the kinesiology tape cannot be applied to open wounds or damaged skin.

Do you have a bulk discount program for 4-inch wide kinesiology tape?
Yes, we offer different price discounts for customers with different purchase batches. Please contact us or follow our social media channel platform to learn about the latest promotional activities we are currently conducting.

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