turf tape football



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Turf tape football is thick enough to protect your skin from turf burns and abrasions during lawn sports, and prevent severe injuries caused by accidental falls.

turf tape football


Turf tape football, also known as sports turf tape, turf tape for arms, or turf elbow tape, is a sticky athletic tape often used by football players to help protect elbows and arms and prevent abrasions from turf friction. Reduce the risk of injury during physical activity.

Turf tape football comes in many colors. According to Google’s official data, the most popular colors are white, pink, blue, red, and black turf tape. Followed by purple, orange, green, and yellow turf tape. Different colors will not affect the use effect. You need to choose the one you like. Bright colors are more accessible to notice. Dark colors are more suitable for low-key people who don’t want to be noticed.

Material – Cotton turf tape football is made of 95% cotton + 5% spandex, which is more skin-friendly and breathable. Order cotton turf tape by default.

Other materials – Synthetic turf tape for the arm is made of 95% rayon + 5% spandex, more waterproof and wear-resistant, optional.

Size – 10cm * 5m, 7.5cm* 5m, 5cm *5m, 10cm width will be sent by default when ordering.

Color-Regular colors blue, pink, skin, and black, buyers can choose from 24 colors.



Soft And Comfortable – Turf tape football can provide a comfortable wearing experience.

Breathable And Lightweight – Long-term use without feeling stuffy.

Very Sticky – Can be worn for 3-5 days without shifting.

Hypoallergenic – Rubber and latex-free, designed to reduce allergic reaction triggers.


Protect Skin And Prevent Abrasions

During football games, turf tape football can protect exposed skin, especially elbows, palms, and other easily bruised parts. In fierce competition, collisions and falls are essential.

Turf tape on the arm can prevent direct contact between skin and turf, preventing injuries caused by violent friction on the turf.

Support Joints

Turf tape football not only provides superior protection, but it also supports joints and tendons during play, helping to prevent injuries.

Relieve Muscle Pain

During the game, strenuous running can cause muscle soreness. Turf elbow tape can relieve muscle pain and relax tight muscles.


What is turf tape used for?

The main function of turf elbow tape is to prevent lawn burns.

How long does turf elbow tape last?

Generally, it takes 3-5 days, or even longer, and it will generally not be damaged, but if it is used for too long, its effect will be greatly reduced.

Is turf elbow tape and athletic tape the same thing?

No. Athletic tape generally refers to zinc oxide tape. It is usually white, very sticky, inelastic, and will restrict movement. Although turf elbow tape is a type of athletic tape, it is elastic and the glue is water-corrugated, which makes it more suitable for human skin and does not restrict movement. For a detailed comparison, please refer to the cotton kinesiology tape.

What is battle turf tape?

“Battle” is one of many turf tape football brands, the same as Aupcon. Battle is just a retailer and does not produce itself, while Aupcon is the manufacturer.

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