Social Responsibility

We fulfill our social obligations

As a responsible As a wholesale and retail collection company of kinesiology tape, sports tape, boob tape, wedding dresses, and pet articles, AUPCON acknowledges the role and duty to improve and create sustainable solutions for the community’s most pressing needs related to kinesiology tape, sport tape, breast tape, wedding dress and pet article produce, employees and environment.

AUPCON are committed to empower people and business to own better products, we do our best to create shared value and develop a sustainable society for future generations. Such a development path is in line with our values.

Employees’ Happiness

We provide safe production environment and materials.

Quality Product

We have always provided society with safe and quality kinesiology tape

Eco-Friendly Principle

We actively reduce the waste generated during the manufacturing process.

Our Vission

We continue our tradition to contribute to this society and our business, for increasing the quality of modern life.

Social Responsibility

We Protect The Physical And Mental Health Of Our Employees

As a company that produces and delivers products for sport, wedding, breast, and pet, we also want our employees to feel happy during the production process. AUPCON believes that if our employees are in a happy mood to produce and work, this happy mood can be passed on to our customers through our products.

To this end, AUPCON provides its employees with a comfortable working environment, adequate rest periods, and safe and harmless production materials. At the same time, we hold frequent employee events to make employees feel happy and at the same time enhance their sense of belonging and identification with AUPCON.

As an employer, we can do more than simply provide jobs, but also actively seek for the happiness and development of our employees.

We Provide The Best Quality

During the production process, we actively work towards creating a better future in accordance with the environment and nature. We have always provided society with safe and quality kinesiology tape, sport tape, boob tape, wedding dress and pet article, and of course, AUPCON does not stop there. As our sense of social responsibility increases, we will continue to do our part to contribute to our business in order to improve the quality of life for those who need them.

AUPCON will continue to conduct research on smart home product and industry in the search for sustainable development, launching and carrying out projects concerning all segments of society.

Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility

We Value The Environment

AUPCON incorporates product safety, quality and environmental protection throughout the product lifecycle, from the design phase to product delivery. We have a clear idea that we want to reduce the environmental impact of our production over time.

AUPCON actively reduce the waste generated during the manufacturing process. For the wastes from the manufacturing process, we want them to be used for other projects by recycling them. For defective products from the manufacturing process, we prefer to repair them rather than simply discard them. We guarantee that these products will be executed to the same standards as other products and will not cause any inconvenience when used.

Give You A Better Life Experience

We produce in line with an approach that values the environment and the nature, and contribute to create a future better than today. With the awareness of our social responsibility, we continue our tradition to contribute to our ongoing business, for increasing the quality of modern life.

AUPCON contributes to the life quality of individuals with its social responsibility projects. The company, performing studies for product 1, product 2, product 3 etc. at the social dimension of sustainability, launches and continues projects concerning projects for all segments of the society.

Social Responsibility