The role of cohesive bandage|self adherent medical tape

Cohesive bandage, also known as cohesive tape or self-adhesive bandage, is a medical bandage that can adhere itself without adhesives or clips. It has excellent performance and is easy to use. It is mostly used for surgical dressing and nursing. It’s made of a stretchable elastic material, such as latex or a latex-free synthetic, and is designed to wrap around a limb or other body part to provide support and compression.

Self-adhesive elastic bandages are stretchy and elastic, and can apply steady pressure to the injured area to treat muscle strains and sprains. Provide binding force on wound dressings or limbs to bandage and fix. Self-adhesive elastic bandages are a substitute for ordinary bandages, and can also be used instead of rubber bandages and medical gauze; external bandages for various parts of the body, field training, trauma first aid, etc. .

The role of cohesive bandage

Pediatric scalp needle infusion fixation

The blood vessels on the arms and legs of many babies are not easy to get in during infusion, and need to be needled from the head, but for babies, as long as it hurts, they will use their own hands to pull out the needle. Therefore, the infusion needle must be fixed on the head.

If it’s a needle on your hand, you can use sticky tape, but if it’s on your head, you can’t use sticky tape, because the sticky tape is too sticky and it will stick the hair off. Our cohesive bandage just solves this problem, the sticky bandage It is characterized by non-sticky hair, and can play a fixed role at the same time, and does not contain irritating chemicals, does not irritate the skin, and protects the baby’s delicate skin.

Bandage and fixation of venous indwelling needles in various departments

Many patients who need long-term infusion need to bury the indwelling needle under the skin. If the indwelling needle is left outside, there will be bumps, so it is necessary to wrap the indwelling needle. If it is fixed with adhesive tape, it will be very difficult to use it next time. To dismantle, because the stickiness is too strong, it is not easy to tear off, so cohesive bandages are the best choice again, because it only sticks to itself and will not stick to skin or hair.

pet bandage

Many pets need to be bandaged after being injured, but because of their particularity, ordinary adhesive tape cannot be used, but cohesive tape is ok, because it does not stick to hair, and it will not cause pain to pets when removed.

cohesive bandage for cat
cohesive bandage for pet

These are the main uses, and there are some other uses, such as pressure hemostatic bandaging after various operations and interventional operations, anti-falling bandages on limbs and joints, pressure hemostatic bandages on surgical trauma surfaces, orthopedic rehabilitation, orthopedics, emergency treatment, burns, and Treatment of varicose veins, etc., fixed and bandaged various drainage tubes, fixed tracheotomy sets, anti-seepage after puncture of hydrothorax and abdomen, fixed central venous catheters, bandaged for replantation of hands, feet, and limbs, hemostatic bandages after blood donation, reproduction Circumcision bandaging, outdoor sports first aid as immobilization and compression bandage, etc.

Advantages of cohesive bandage

With high elasticity, the movement of the joints is not restricted after use, and you can feel the various benefits of this bandage. Does not shrink, will not hinder blood circulation or displace joint parts The material is breathable, the self-adhesive bandage will not condense water vapor on the wound, has good air permeability, soft and comfortable, hypoallergenic, the self-adhesive bandage is easy to use, easy to carry, and pressure-resistant Appropriate, elegant in appearance, conducive to quick wound healing and fast bandaging, without affecting the daily life of patients.

how do cohesive bandages work

The cohesive tape material is soft and has directional elasticity. It has concave-convex textures of different sizes and geometric apertures of different sizes. The material may contain a small amount of pressure-sensitive adhesive. The internal test feels slightly sticky. Fast response and bonding, self-adhesive bandages are widely used and easy to use.


cohesive tape cannot stick to a flat surface, only to itself, so it can only be used for wrapping and fixing.

What is the difference between cohesive and adhesive bandage?

Cohesive bandage is a kind of adhesive bandage. Adhesive bandage includes many kinds. As long as it is sticky, it can be called adhesive bandage, but cohesive bandage is more inclined to self-adhesive, that is, bandage sticking bandage. Does not stick hair, its principle is similar to Velcro.

Precautions and Warnings

  1. The elastic self-adhesive bandage should be isolated from the wound when used. The wound surface should be covered with sterile auxiliary materials after disinfection before it can be wrapped with an elastic self-adhesive bandage. Do not directly touch the elastic self-adhesive bandage to the wound or wound surface, and the self-adhesive bandage is a non-sterile product.
  2. When bandaging and external fixation, it should not be too tight or too loose. The self-adhesive bandage has a certain degree of elasticity. Appropriate pressure and wrapping layers should be used according to the requirements. If it is too loose, it will not be able to fix and bandage the wound. Tightness will bring discomfort to the patient or reactions such as poor local blood supply.
  3. The self-adhesive bandage is for one-time use. When using self-adhesive bandages for external fixation, observe regularly and replace them in time.

Precautions when choosing medical bandages

  1. The self-adhesive bandage should have no broken wires, no yellow spots, white and pollution-free, and no serious weaving defects. When purchasing, look at the appearance of the self-adhesive bandage product.
  2. They are generally sold as non-sterile medical products. The appearance of the bandage is smooth and clean, without stains.
  3. Read the packaging label and product manual of the medical self-adhesive bandage. There should be words or graphic symbols of “sterile” on the package, instructions or signs for disabling damaged packages, instructions for one-time use or graphic symbols.
  4. If you use medical self-adhesive bandage on the wound site, you should consider using it in isolation from the wound. After unpacking, do not touch the middle composite pad with your hands.

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