How To Use kinesiology tape for neck

Cervical Spine Pain

Kinesiology tape for neck pain is a great invention of the 21st century. It helps a large number of office white-collar workers and manual workers suffering from cervical pain to get rid of pain and relieve discomfort. However, only the correct use of kinesiology tape can bring people the desired pain relief effect. Many people do not know how to use kinesiology tape. This article will give you a detailed understanding of how to use kinesiology tape to relieve cervical pain.

kinesiology tape Taping tips

How To Use kinesiology tape for Cervical Spine Pain

The middle section of the X-shaped tape serves as an anchor point and does not need to be stretched.

The four small arms of the X-shaped tape are stretched 50% to fit the neck.

Rub several times to stabilize the Kinesiology tape for neck pain.

The Y-shaped neck pain tape is fixed on the cervical spine in the middle of the scapula.

Fix the Y-shaped tape at the cervical spine and stretch the right tape by 50%.

Wrap the neck pain tape to the right side of the hairline without stretching the end.

Use the same method to stretch the tape by 50% and stick it on the other side.

Stretch the tape 50% horizontally and place it at the cervical flexion as an anchor point.

Stretch both ends 30% to adhere them to the upper trapezius muscle.

Rub many times to activate neck pain tape stickiness.

Complete the application method of kinesiology tape for the neck.

How To Use kinesiology tape for neck

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What is a Kinesiology Tape For Neck?

Function Of Kinesiology Tape For Neck

Provides support and less stress
Realign neck posture
Relieve pain caused by poor posture
Reduce inflammation
Promote blood circulation

Application Of Kinesiology Tape For Neck

Computer work, writing, looking at mobile phones, etc.

Precautions For Use of Neck Pain Tape

If allergic irritation occurs on the skin, discontinue use!

How To Use kinesiology tape for neck

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Frequently Asked Questions


Neck pain is common. Improper posture (whether lying in front of a computer or hunched over a desk) can cause tension in the neck muscles, and the pain may worsen if left unprotected for a long time, in more serious cases, it may cause cervical spondylosis. So you can try our kinesiology tape for the neck to help relieve this situation.


Muscle strain: usually caused by overuse, such as looking down at your phone for too long.
Injury: A sprained neck strain can strain the neck’s soft tissues.
Nerve compression: A herniated disc or bone spur in the cervical spine may compress the nerves that branch off the spinal cord.
Wear and tear of joints: Like other joints, the joints in your neck can wear out as you age, causing pain.


1. To maintain good standing and sitting posture, keep your head up and look straight at the computer; don’t hunch over.
2. If you sit for long periods at work, stand up and walk around to stretch your neck and shoulders.
3. Adjust the height of your desk, chair, and computer so the monitor is at eye level.
4. Use kinesiology tape for prevention and relief. The correct taping method can effectively prevent and relieve neck pain.


The neck pain tape can be cut into different shapes according to needs and attached to the muscles and joints of the neck. Its essential function is to help muscles and joints make positive adjustments, play a supporting and stabilizing role, generate mild pressure and tension, stimulate mechanical receptors, promote blood and lymph circulation, and relieve pain.

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By following these steps and precautions, you can use kinesiology tape for the neck safely and effectively to help manage neck pain, but it usually works with mild pain. Kinesiology Tape is not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment. If your neck pain worsens or does not get relief after using kinesiology tape, talk to your healthcare professional.