New facial beauty technology – kinesiology face tape

Kinesiology face tape is made of cotton material with adhesive on one side to mimic the elasticity and thickness of human skin.Face tape is very skin-friendly and does not feel tight when applied. Today, athletic tape is widely used on the face.

kinesiology face tape

Which tape to use for face taping?

There are many types of face tape on the market, generally divided into transparent face tape and kinesiology face tape.

Most clear transparent face tapes are made of PVC material. They are stiff and uncomfortable when applied to facial skin and have poor breathability, making them unsuitable for long-term use. However, their appearance is transparent, so they are more suitable for short-term use. For example, online anchors use it to shape their faces during live broadcasts.

If you want to reduce wrinkles while you sleep at night, Kinesiology face tape has even more significant advantages. Made of cotton fabric, it has high elasticity, is comfortable and skin-friendly, is breathable, and will not be stuffy for long-term use.

Kinesiology face tape is generally 1cm*1m, suitable for women’s delicate faces. Applying gentle tension to the face can lift sagging facial tissue and muscles. This reduces the appearance of facial puffiness, wrinkles, and jowls, thereby slimming the face and tightening the skin.

Be very careful when using face lift tape on the delicate skin of your face. First use a small piece of face lift tape in a hidden area, such as the armpit or behind the ear, to make sure it is not allergic before using it normally. If an allergic reaction occurs, please remove it in time to avoid damaging the skin.

face lift tape
skin tightening tape

Can you tape your face to look younger?

Yes, the right fit of the skin can make a difference. Using skin tightening tape can help reduce facial skin wrinkles and improve facial contours, making you look younger, but only temporarily. When you use skin-tightening tape, you are really just mimicking the results of plastic surgery. The goal is to restore a youthful appearance to the face, such as higher cheekbones, a chiseled jaw, and eyes without wrinkles or sunken eyes. Facial aging is inevitable as we age. We can use kinesiology face tape to help, but not as a tool to keep ourselves young.

kinesiology face tape

The function of kinesiology face tape

Reduce facial wrinkles

Kinesiology tape for face wrinkles can temporarily reduce the appearance of wrinkles by applying the tape to specific areas of the face using a professional application method. can be prevented by applying kinesiology tape for face wrinkles to wrinkle-prone areas of the face and limiting movement.

Kinesiology tape for face wrinkles

Double chin lift

Taping a double chin can help temporarily reduce the appearance of a double chin because the double chin tape provides support and lifts the skin, making the double chin less noticeable. All you need to do is gather the skin around the nape of your neck and tape it Hold one end, then pull it back and tape the other end. The double chin tape is easily covered by hair and does not affect aesthetics.

double chin tape

Create a perfect jawline

Using chin lift tape to stretch the skin can push the jawline up toward the cheekbone area, or pull the nose skin back toward the ears for a youthful, natural appearance.

chin lift tape

Relax facial muscles

Kinesiology face tape by sticking to the skin in a specific way, can prevent facial tension, relieve the soreness and fatigue of facial muscles caused by long-term activity, and promote blood circulation.

Kinesiology face tape Relax facial muscles

Keep face warm and antifreeze

Skiing face tape reduces the risk of frostbite by protecting and insulating the nose, cheeks, and other exposed and vulnerable parts of the face. Skiing face tape is ideal for skiers, winter runners cyclists, and anyone looking to protect and insulate their skin.

Skiing face tape

face taping before and after?

Temporarily reduces wrinkles. Kinesiology face tape is known to temporarily reduce wrinkles and fine lines, lift skin, and relax muscles, reducing the need for more invasive cosmetic procedures such as fillers and Botox, which can cause side effects.

What is the science behind face lift tape?

The main principles for using face lift tapes are as follows:

Lifting and Lifting Effects

 Face lift tapes apply tension to sagging areas, mechanically pulling and lifting the skin. When the skin is stretched, wrinkles temporarily become less noticeable and create a firmer appearance.

Improves muscle tone

Over time, the tension of the skin tightening tape can train facial muscles into a subtle lifted position.

Stimulates Blood Circulation

Kinesiology face tape are said to increase blood flow and oxygen to facial tissues, which may contribute to skin health and elasticity. However, these effects may be insignificant or temporary.

Lymph Drainage

Kinesiology face tape can improve the drainage of lymph fluid that may cause swelling.

Overall, while face lift tape can provide very temporary cosmetic results by stretching the skin, face slimming tape does not address the potential loss of collagen, elastin, and fat pads that can occur with age. The face lift tape also doesn’t produce lasting structural changes to the skin or muscles.

Is face lift tape taping safe?

For most people, it is safe. However, some users have sensitive skin and may have allergies, so you need to test before use.

If you are allergic to the adhesive in the face tape for lift or the material of the tape after use. You may experience rash, especially skin irritation, itching, and redness, as side effects of facial patches.

Also, if you remove the face tape for lifting too roughly, you may tear off some skin, causing bruising or redness.

Therefore, before using the kinesiology face tape, we recommend that you test your skin with a test strip to see if you may experience an allergic reaction. If there is, it should be removed in time and not used. For long-term use on the face, we also recommend removing it after 5-6 hours of use. Let your skin breathe and get some relief. Use safely to ensure good results.

face tape for lift
face tape for lift to use

What happens if you put kinesiology face tape on wrong?

There are no serious consequences if the kinesiology face tape is applied incorrectly, except that you won’t be able to get the relief you need, so it’s important to learn how to apply it correctly on your face.

If you need more in-depth information on how to use skin tightening tape, you can contact aupcon. We are a factory specializing in the production of skin tightening tape. Our professional sales staff will contact you to explain the characteristics and uses of tapes and can provide you with affordable and high-quality tapes.

After reading the entire article, we learned about the face lift tape’s characteristics and application methods. Tape would be a good choice for the face. It is comfortable and skin-friendly, and the effect is good.

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