Why did women choose to use breast lift tape?

What is breast lift tape?

A great alternative to our regular bras, breast lift tape is made from hypoallergenic medical-grade adhesive and is designed to conform to your skin. You can use body tape for breasts to lift, separate, flatten, enhance, or shape your cleavage without using a bra. Easily worn for different occasions.


Does tape work as a bra?

Most users conclude that body tape bras can be used as bras in certain situations.

Summarizing some key points about body tape bras being used as a bra:

Thin and breathable

The cotton fabric is softer and skin-friendly, and the surface of the breast lift tape is designed with tiny holes, which have good breathability and will not dry out or stuffy heat.

Comfortable viscosity

Different from ordinary bras, the adhesive surface of this body tape bra uses a water ripple design and imported acrylic glue, which greatly reduces allergies, fits the skin texture without causing tightness and discomfort, can fit tightly against the breasts, and is suitable for most females and almost no flaws can be seen when you put on the jacket, better showing your breasts and Sexy figure.

Waterproof and sweat-wicking

Due to the lightweight cotton material, the breast lift tape can absorb moisture and sweat and discharge it as quickly as possible without affecting the stickiness, stably protecting your chest.

Why did women choose to use breast lift tape?

No buckle

Rely on the adhesive and elastic stretch of the boob lift tape to shape and lift your breasts.


Naturally invisible

Available in a variety of colors to better suit your skin. Thin but not obtrusive, suitable for tight, formal, and sexy clothing.

Complete sizes

Most people will choose the 5cm*5m boob lift tape size, but it can also take care of women with large breasts, so a variety of large sizes are introduced, basically suitable for A-G cups.

When should you use boob tape?

You can use breast lift tape anytime and anywhere. Here are some of the scenarios where it’s most useful:

When wearing a deep V top or dress.

Avoid bra lines when wearing tight clothing.

When wearing strapless or asymmetrical tops.

When wearing clothing with cutouts at the back or no/low back.

Avoid accidental exposure when wearing a swimsuit.

Maintain perfect breast contour while wearing a bikini.

When wearing clothes that are open at the sides.

body tape for breast

There are too many scenarios where you can use body tape for breasts, but it will definitely be a good helper to help you comfortably lift your breasts, protect your breasts, and show off your perfect figure.

Bra cutting DIY

For girls, using breast lift tape in daily life is very convenient. As long as you want to use it, you can take out a roll of tape and cut it out. However, the cut shapes are basically long and simple, which is undoubtedly too common for girls who love beauty. AUPCON recently launched a DIY boob tape. Based on the original, we have added DIY paper pieces to help you trim a beautiful shape that suits your chest contours. If you feel that the shape paper we provide is not suitable for your aesthetic, you can also contact us for further communication, and we will give you the perfect solution.

You can try DIY bra patches, which is a great experience from an aesthetic point of view.

Can you reuse boob tape?

We recommend not to reuse.

After the breast lift tape is removed and reapplied, the body tape for the breast’s stickiness and usability will be slightly less than when it was first used. Secondly, repeated use may cause the boob lift tape to be contaminated with bacteria, which is not conducive to female breast hygiene, so we recommend that the tape be replaced after about 8 hours of use.

Note: If you feel uncomfortable during use, please remove it in time to avoid the body tape bra irritating your skin. Taping is a great way to lift your breasts and create beautiful cleavage, but they should be removed immediately after use to allow your breasts to rest and relax.

How to remove boob tape?

Tear it off gently. If the stickiness is too strong, you can use hot water to help tear it off slowly. Never remove immediately as this may strain the skin. Find the right approach to avoid mistakes that can lead to skin damage.

After understanding the above content, I believe you have a new understanding of breast lift tape. If you want to get rid of the constraints of a bra on some outfits but still want to make sure your breasts are well-lifted, protected, and perfectly contoured, try using boob tape.

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