What is the use of self-adhesive bandages?

The primary purpose of a cohesive sports tape is to provide protective compression  to the injured area, with the support holding it in place comfortably and pressure-free while still allowing for breathability and flexibility.

cohesive sports tape

The main features and uses of cohesive sports tapes include:

Cohesive support bandages conform smoothly to the contours of the body, applying gentle, even pressure around an area for a secure fit. Cohesive wraps can reduce swelling, provide support, help stabilize sprains and strain or help keep a dressing in place after surgery so the wound heals as quickly as possible.

Feature of cohesive sports bandage


Cohesive support bandages are self-adhesive without sticking to skin or hair, making them easy to apply and adjust without causing discomfort or requiring additional adhesive.


Cohesive wraps are available in latex or latex-free versions and are safe, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic.


Cohesive sports tape surface porous material allows air circulation and prevents excess moisture buildup and skin irritation.

Easy to tear

Thanks to its special fabric, no scissors are needed – just peel the bandage material with your hands for quick and easy use.

tattoo aftercare bandage roll
cohesive bandage

The combination of softness, breathability, easy-peel design, and conformability make sticky cohesive sports tapes an excellent choice for comfortable compression and support while recovering from an injury or dealing with a variety of conditions.

Cohesive support bandages

Here are some creative ways to use cohesive bandages outside of typical medical applications:

Use it as a sweatband

When you exercise on the sports field, you will exercise a lot and burn fat, and a lot of sweat will appear on your body; the most obvious one is your forehead. At this point, you can use a cohesive sports tape as a sweatband and wrap it around your head. It won’t stick to your skin or hair, but it will absorb sweat. Using some brightly colored cohesive support bandages can also help stimulate sports fighting spirit, such as black, pink, blue, etc.

For injured pets

The vet flex bandage won’t stick to the fur but will stay secure. When your pet is injured, you can use a vet flex bandage to wrap the dressing in time. The soft cloth will not make your pet feel uncomfortable.

vet flex bandage
vet flex bandage

Dog sedative

Vet flex bandages are wrapped around your dog in a specific way to relieve pressure points. This can relieve tension and anxiety caused by noise, strangers, etc. It’s a simple, comfortable solution for stressed pets.

vet wrap cohesive bandage

Tattoo care

Gently wrap the new tattoo with a cohesive wrap. It protects the area without sticking to the skin, allowing the tattoo to heal properly.

Keep the shin guards up

Wrap a cohesive support bandage around the top and bottom to securely wrap the shin guard in place – no more constant adjustments to shin guard dislocation during football games.

Children’s DIY

Use the cohesive wraps as a unique artistic canvas to let your child unleash their creativity and create a variety of shapes and pictures for a creative play experience that requires no toys.

cohesive wrap

Can self-adhesive wrap get wet?

Cohesive sports tapes can get wet and still retain their adhesive properties and compressibility.

The cohesive sports tape is breathable, and the porous elastic material allows airflow and evaporation, so the cohesive wraps dry over time after getting wet while still being wearable.

We still don’t recommend full immersion in water for long periods, though, as this may cause the cohesive wraps to loosen over time. Replacing the cohesive sports tape if it becomes excessively saturated with water or fails to regain compression after drying is recommended.

Can I sleep with a bandage on?

Yes, you can usually sleep wrapped up. However, there are some important considerations:

Compression too tight

Cohesive sports tape is commonly used to wrap arms, legs, ankles, knees, etc. If the cohesive support bandage is too tight, sleeping with it on may cause numbness, tingling, or impaired circulation in the wrapped area. If swelling occurs, breathing may be restricted, so make sure you use the proper wrapping technique, snugly but not too tight.

Therefore, the main purpose of the cohesive sports tape is to provide slight compression and support for the protected area, but its role is much more than that. More uses are slowly being discovered. If you want to continue to learn more, please click AUPCON.

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