Does kinesiology tape for golfers elbow help with golfers’ elbows?

Kinesiology tape for golfers elbow is helpful. We should have noticed that golfers who love golf have their elbows covered with kinesiology tape. For them, the tape is an excellent auxiliary tool. Help improve their sports performance and protect their elbows from pain. This article will help you understand precisely why golfers wear tape and what golf elbow tape does.


What is kinesiology tape for golfers elbow?

Golfer’s Elbow Tape is an elastic, breathable tape made of cotton, spandex, and acrylic glue that has good stickiness and is hypoallergenic, making it suitable for all parts of the body. At the same time, golf elbow tape is also easy to remove and does not easily retain glue. So it is trendy among people who love sports and will not affect their performance.

The Function of Kinesiology tape for golfers elbow

Kinesiology tape for golfers elbow creates a gap between the elbow skin and subcutaneous tissue, reducing soft tissue friction, reducing local pressure, and relieving discomfort. The correct application will make the blood and lymph circulation of the corresponding tissues smoother, make the damaged tissue easier to reconstruct, and accelerate the recovery of the injury.

So, golfer elbow tape is a treatment that can reduce pain and help the elbow muscles contract properly.

golfer elbow tape

What is the fastest way to fix golfers’ elbows?

1. Rest: Stop golfing and other activities that use your elbow until the pain disappears …

2. Ice: As our most common treatment method, it can help relieve tired elbow muscles and relax them.

3. Kinesiology tape: Using kinesiology tape for golfers elbow to conform to the area of elbow pain, Golfer’s Elbow Tape pulls the skin and expands the subcutaneous tissue space, thereby relieving pain. (If you want to find it, you can click on kinesiology tape for more product information)

golf elbow tape

Where should kinesiology tape for golfers elbow be put for elbow pain?

We can apply kinesiology tape for golfers elbow to the painful area, as shown in our video. Take a piece of golfer’s elbow tape and extend your arm, holding your upper elbow in place and stretching it 50% down to your wrist. Finally, apply a piece of tape to the elbow bend with 50% stretch, and you’re done.

Tips for use

  1. Before using kinesiology tape for golfers elbow, clean the skin surface to extend the use time ;
  2. When cutting the kinesiology tape, The length can be adjusted according to yourself ;
  3. Do not touch the adhesive surface repeatedly, as it will affect the adhesion effect of golfer elbow taping;
  4. Do not apply it directly to the wound;
  5. For those who don’t know whether their skin is allergic to glue, you can first use a piece of golf elbow tape to test the skin reaction on an area that is not easily exposed. If redness and itching occur, please stop using it.

Where to buy kinesiology tape for golfers elbow?

We can buy kinesiology tape for golfers elbow from AUPCON MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY (WUXI) CO., LTD. We are a factory specializing in producing kinesiology tapes, sticky cohesive bandages, sports tapes, and other sports safety products, and we have more than ten years of global export experience. Our professional team can quickly respond to inquiries, questions, product descriptions, and Order status updates.

We have collected some questions and answers from netizens online.

“I am a golfer. Long-term training has caused pain around the medial epicondyle of my elbow. Repetitive wrist motions or actions requiring forceful gripping may cause the forearm flexor attachment points to inflammation. Using kinesiology tape for golfers elbow, I can effectively relieve the symptoms of muscle soreness and improve my golf performance.”

The experiences and reactions of netizens show that kinesiology tape for golfers elbow is necessary for people who need to protect their elbows. It can effectively reduce strain in golf, relieve muscle pain, and allow us to avoid some risks during exercise.

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