Different sizes of kinesiology tapes


Different sizes kinesiology tapes are designed for people of all ages and different levels of exercise, different sizes kinesiology tapes can be applied to different body parts to prevent injuries caused by overstretching of muscles during exercise.

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Different sizes of kinesiology tapes



Different sizes kinesiology tapes

Different sizes kinesiology tapes are designed for people of all ages and different levels of exercise, different sizes elastic therapeutic tape can be applied to different body parts,such as arms, thighs, calves, knees, Ankle and other necessary parts to prevent injuries caused by overstretching of muscles during exercise.

It can also be called muscle fix tape or elastic therapeutic tape.Our regular size is 2.5cm, 5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm kinesiology tape.The length is usually 5m, you can also customize the length.

The main function of different size kinesiology tape

kinesiology tape 5m x 2.5cm , women will use it more. Because most women love beauty, as they age, they will have wrinkles, 2.5cm kinesiology tape can be used as face lifting tape. Before going to bed at night, wash your face and stick the 2.5cm kinesiology tape on the wrinkled side. Use the elasticity of the Elastic therapeutic tape to smooth the skin and reduce wrinkles.

Our regular size is 5m x 5 cm, 95% of customers will choose this size, because it fits most people and most body parts. For example, the joints of athletes, major muscle tissues, and the belly of pregnant women.

5m x 5cm is often used on the chest. While having large breasts makes women proud, it can also make women deeply troubled. Sagging, too heavy, shaking during exercise, and even affecting normal life, 7.5cm kinesiology tape can help them fix and enhance their breasts, with a large size, no need for multiple wraps, one is enough.

10cm kinesiology tape can also be used on breasts, the difference is that 10cm kinesiology tape is more suitable for huge breasts. 10cm kinesiology tape is mainly used to bind the waist to maintain a perfect figure.

 Specifications of Different size kinesiology tape

Material: The Elastic therapeutic tape material is 95%Cotton+5%spandex .

Gender: Elastic therapeutic tape can be used by both boys and girls.

Size: 2.5cmx5m, 5cmx5m, 7.5cmx5m, 10cmx5m, 12.5cmx5m ,15cmx5m and other sizes.

Color: Elastic therapeutic tape has 23 different colors for Choice.

Package Quantity:  Elastic therapeutic tape is 144 per carton.

Features of Different size kinesiology tape

1.Our muscle fix tape is Waterproof, breathable and kind to Skin .

2.Appilcable scene: muscle fix tape can be used for exercise, physical therapy, weight loss.

3.The muscle fix tape can reduce swelling problems and help lymphatic circulation.

4.Our muscle fix tape is suitable for almost all parts of the body.

5.Our muscle fix tape has stable adhesive.

6.Our muscle fix tape made in China.

7.Our muscle fix tape have different sizes, size also can be customized.



Is the elastic tape for injuries Waterproof and kind to skin?

Yes, the elastic tape for injuries is 50% Waterproof and skin friendly.

Can we have our logo on the elastic therapeutic tape/ paper core/ back paper/ box?

Yes, support customize logo on the tape, paper core, back paper, and personalized custom color box for tape.

How long can you ship out goods after order?

For normal tapes,we have many stock can be send out within 3 days, for customzation order, normally about 25 days.

Is this tape hypoallergenic?

There is a special process to prevent allergies, but it does not rule out allergic constitution.Our tape use henkel glue or acrylic glue, they are both hypoallergenic, but we cannot promise everyone won’t get allergy, some people may be prone to allergies, or they apply boob tape incorrect, also the weather/temperature may also cause allergy.

Will it come off easily?

No, it can stay firm on your skin.


Customize Different size kinesiology tape

1.We have 23 different colors of muscle fix tapefor choose, pure colors, camo colors. The color of tape also can be customized according to pantone color code .

2.The inner core of muscle healing tapecan be customized with your logo according to your need .

3.For packaging, we also can make the customization of individual box of elastic tape for injuries, minimum quantity just need to reach 1000 pcs.

4.If you’d like to do other customzation ofelastic therapeutic tape, you can send us inquiries to get more information.

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