Blue sports tape for protection of injured parts

Athletes wear blue sports tape on their bodies because they protect themselves from injuries as much as possible when exercising. Because of the variety of sports, the risk of injury to various parts of the body is actually very high, so they will use Tape protects where you are most vulnerable. This article introduces what blue sports tape is and how it is used for an in-depth exploration.

What is blue sports tape?

Blue sports tape on the body is a common sight among athletes. What is blue tape? The blue tape is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex and is used to protect painful areas and prevent athletes from further injury. Athletes who wear blue tape typically do so to protect their joints, ligaments, and tendons.

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Different sizes of kinesiology tapes

Types of Sports tape

When it comes to sports injuries, there are a few different types of tape that athletes can use to help support and protect their bodies. Tape can be used during practices and games to reduce pain and inflammation, as well as keep joints mobile and stable.

There are three main types of sports tape: athletic, thermal, and medical. Athletic tape is the most common type and is made from a soft, stretchy fabric that helps to reduce friction and support muscle tissues. Thermal tape is made from a thicker cloth and is designed to provide insulation against heat or cold. Medical tape is made from a special adhesive that helps to stabilize patients during surgery or childbirth.

Sports tape comes in many different designs and colors, so athletes can find what works best for them. Some people prefer thin athletic tape while others prefer thick thermal or medical tapes. There are also many different brands of sports tape available, so it’s important for athletes to choose one that suits their needs.

Where is the blue sports tape most commonly used?

Blue sports tape is most commonly used on athletes. The blue tape has strong adhesiveness and will not break even with high-speed impact, and there will be no discomfort when applied to the body. It is suitable for all parts of the body and can provide good support and pain relief. The tape is also moisture-resistant, which helps with long-term use on athletes.

Blue sports tape
Blue sports tape

How to blue sports tape Yourself Properly?

There are many different types of athletic tape, but the most common type is blue athletic tape. This type of tape is designed to hold the muscle in place, helping to reduce pain and inflammation. The following introduces one of our most familiar parts, the introduction of the legs:

Step 1 – Measure and cut the tape Use a tape measure to measure from the bottom of the calf to the top Cut 2 long strips and 1 short strip (don’t forget to round the edges!) tear off the end of the strip Place the bottom of the strap at 0% stretch to the top of the Achilles tendon

Step 2 – Stretch and Tape the Calf Lunge forward to stretch your calves Apply 0% stretch tape to calf wipe to activate glue Repeat on the other side

Step 3 – Apply short straps to the stretch Prepare the short strips and remove the backing paper in the middle section Stretch tape to 50% and apply over pain point Lay Anchors with 0% Stretch Wipe off the glue at the end to activate the bond

Why are athletes wearing blue sports tape?

The blue sports tape that athletes wear around their bodies is typically for protection. It can be used for a variety of reasons, but the most common use is to protect joints from excessive movement. This is often done when an athlete is in a collision or when they are being carted off the field or court. The tape also helps to keep muscles and other tissues in place so they don’t tear or stretch.


Athletes often wear blue tape on their bodies in order to protect themselves from injures. Blue tape is a type of adhesive that is used most commonly for medical purposes, such as sealing cuts and wounds. When an athlete applies blue tape to their skin, they are essentially creating a temporary bandage. By applying blue tape before an injury occurs, the athlete can reduce the chance of getting injured in the first place.


What’s the blue sports tape on athletes?

Blue sports tape is called Kinesio tape, Kinesiology tape or elastic therapeutic tape, the elastic cotton strip has an acrylic adhesive on one side. It is used by physical therapists for a variety of reasons, including treating pain from sports injuries and improving athletic performance.

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