Why does volleyball player use volleyball finger tape to tape their fingers?

We should have noticed that they have volleyball finger tape on their fingers at many volleyball matches, big and small, including professional players and even volleyball lovers. The first question that may come to your mind is, “Why are they wearing tape?” or “What kind of tape is this?” These questions confuse people who don’t know the sport of volleyball. This is not because they are injured but because volleyball finger tape is an excellent aid for volleyball players. To help improve their performance and protect their fingers. This article will help you understand why volleyball players wear tape and the role of volleyball finger tape.

volleyball finger tape for players

What is volleyball tape?

Volleyball finger tape is a durable, abrasion-resistant tape made from breathable cotton and latex-free zinc oxide hot melt adhesive. Highly viscous and hypoallergenic. Suitable for fixing finger parts, easy to remove without leaving glue.

white volleyball finger tape

The purpose of volleyball players wearing athletic tape for volleyball

The purpose of volleyball players wearing athletic tape for volleyball

Volleyball players wear volleyball finger tape because it provides more strength during the game.

The simple answer is that hitting the ball causes more damage to the fingers, and players are more susceptible to injury without volleyball tape.

The tape we commonly see on athletes’ fingers should be “buddy tape” (volleyball finger tape), where the athlete sticks two fingers together. This will provide more support and protection for athletes. If a player is recovering from an injury, their fingers will also be taped so they can continue playing without risking further injury to their fingers.

volleyball finger tape

Different reasons for volleyball finger tape to tape your fingers

Here are four different reasons why you might want to wrap your fingers while playing volleyball:

Fixed support

The volleyball finger tapes are non-elastic and provide compression and support to the fingers. Volleyball tape helps stabilize the injured area and allows the player to continue playing while minimizing the risk of further injury. Athletic tape for volleyball prevents them from overextending or bending backward while playing and provides increased stability when hitting the ball.

Nail protection

For example, topspin “serves” require finger friction. If topspin is performed frequently without tapping the fingers, it may result in frequent broken nails, bruises, and more severe finger fractures, especially when blocking or digging the ball. , wrapping volleyball tape around your fingers can help protect your nails from damage or tearing.

Reduce bending

Athletic tape for volleyball is crucial to keep your fingers straight, especially when you bend them back, and the volleyball finger tape can limit excessive bending of the fingers at the joints, helping to maintain proper posture and control when passing and setting.


Some players tape their fingers as a precaution to reduce the risk of injury. This adds an extra layer of protection against overextension, sprains, or dislocations.

volleyball tape

We have collected some questions and answers from netizens online

“I’m a new player, but I have a condition called dyshidrosis on my fingers. I have blisters and small open sores on one of my fingers. Band-aids don’t stay on for long. I’m just looking for Something to put a protective layer over my fingers to keep dust out.”

Some netizens responded: “Athletic tape is often used to support and strengthen joints. It can reduce injuries and help relieve pain through compression. People with broken fingers can tape their joints to completely heal the process (which may cause injury).

“I also have fragile joints because I’ve had broken bones in the past from rugby and soccer. Especially when you sprain a finger, you’re out for a long time because the last thing you want to do is injure it again during recovery.”

“I have a mallet finger from volleyball. It is my right index finger, and the tip points down constantly. I tape my finger every time I play. If I don’t use volleyball finger tape to tape it, the fingernail will slowly separate. With some practice at taping, you will figure it out.”

Although the comments from netizens are not necessarily correct and helpful, since they have posted questions and there are hot comments from netizens to solve their problems, it proves that volleyball finger tape is useful for playing volleyball and can be used to help protect fingers.

athletic tape for volleybal

In conclusion

In volleyball, volleyball finger tapes are more than just a trend; they’re a practical way to protect your fingers from injury and improve your performance on the court. Proper finger protection can improve your game, help you perform better, and reduce the risk of injury. So, the next time you hit the volleyball court, remember the importance of volleyball finger tapes and take the necessary steps to keep your fingers in tip-top shape.

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