how to strap a wrist with  kinesiology tape

How To Apply wrist kinesiology tape?

Wrist kinesiology tape can also be called strapping for carpal tunnel,kinesiology wrist tape or wrist taping.When the wrist is engaged in sports, it is the first joint to receive force and the last joint to output force.

During the repeated receiving and sending out of force, the wrist bears two-way force. It is because of such sports characteristics that among sports enthusiasts, injuries to wrist tendons and ligaments are not uncommon. Once your wrist is injured, you may have to let go of your hobby and rest for several weeks.

In the process of protecting the wrist, in addition to using the protective gear, we can also use the wrist taping to support the wrist joint and relieve the pain and discomfort of the wrist joint

wrist kinesiology tape

Follow me to learn how to strap with wrist taping

The first step is to choose the right wrist kinesiology tape: There are many different types and brands of strapping for carpal tunnel, and it is important to choose a performance tape that suits your needs. It is best to choose a good quality kinesiology wrist tape to ensure it will continue to adhere to your wrist and provide the support it needs

Clean and Dry Wrist: Before using the wrist taping, make sure your wrist is clean, dry and free of oil, sweat or other substances. This will ensure that the wrist taping adheres better to your skin

Prepare wrist taping: According to your needs, cut the required length of wrist taping. Gently peel off the functional tape and avoid stretching or bending it, this will ensure the adhesiveness of the functional tape remains at its best.

Tear off adhesive paper: Depending on your needs, cut the desired length of wrist tape. Prepare the required number of it, two pieces are required in the usage method shown in this article. One is long and the other is short. The long one is as long as half a small arm, and the short one can wrap around the wrist.

Choose a suitable position at both ends of the tape and gently tear off the adhesive paper, so that the adhesive paper becomes 3 sections. If you don’t know where to start tearing, you can start from 5cm from both ends. The purpose of this is to keep fingers from touching the glue at any time, so as not to affect the stickiness of the tape. Gently peel off the short adhesive backing at either end, avoiding stretching or bending, to ensure the functional tape sticks at its best.

how to strap a wrist with  kinesiology tape

Winding functional tape:Gently stick the end of the torn-off adhesive paper on the skin and rub it lightly to ensure that the tape fits tightly on the skin. Detach from the adhesive backing paper and stick together. Stick the tape on the arm along the direction of the arm, stick it tightly, and rub it back and forth to ensure that there are no wrinkles and air bubbles. The short strapping for carpal tunnel is wrapped around the wrist in the same way.

Pulling the wrist tape Tight: When you wrap the wrist taping around your wrist, make sure it’s firmly in place, but don’t pull too much. You should be able to easily extend and flex your wrist while feeling the support of the performance tape.

Cut the functional tape: When you’re done, cut the functional tape and make sure you don’t leave it on your skin as this may cause skin allergies or irritation.

Other ways to use wrist kinesiology tape:

wrist taping used in the video

Two wrist taping are used in the video, one is pre-cut, which is the blue one on the left, this one does not need to be cut, the length is fixed, and all corners are rounded, so it can be used directly. The one on the right is the normal one, which is a complete roll. It needs to be cut to a suitable size before use, and the rounded corners should be cut out manually. The reason for cutting the rounded corners is to prevent the tape from rubbing during use. crimping.

Can it really protect the wrist?

Anyone who has used wrist strapping for carpal tunnel knows that it is useful if you apply it correctly. It can provide you with a certain amount of support, fixing your wrist like a plaster cast and a bandage, of course, it is not as rigid as a plaster cast. It’s soft and just helps you keep your wrist in place.

While there is some evidence that wrist taping are effective in reducing wrist pain and providing joint support, scientific evidence to support these claims is limited. Some research suggests that wrist taping may be effective in reducing pain and improving range of motion in people with wrist injuries, but more research is needed to fully understand its benefits and limitations.

It is important to note that wrist taping should not be relied upon as a substitute for proper medical or rehabilitative exercises. If you experience wrist pain or discomfort, it is important to consult a healthcare professional to determine the underlying cause and develop an appropriate treatment plan. Because there are many reasons for wrist pain, our wrist taping can only be used for some non-pathological muscle pain, wrist immobilization, etc.

how long can you keep it on

The length of time that you can keep it on your skin can vary depending on factors such as the type of tape, the area of the body it’s applied to, and your skin sensitivity. Generally, strapping for carpal tunnel can be worn for up to five days, but some tapes are designed to be worn for shorter periods, such as 24-48 hours

can wrist kinesiology tape irritate skin

It’s important to note that leaving it on for too long can cause skin irritation, so it’s recommended to remove the tape if you experience any itching, redness, or discomfort. Additionally, if you have sensitive skin or a history of skin allergies, it’s a good idea to test the tape on a small area of skin before applying it to a larger area to ensure that you don’t have an adverse reaction.

can you get it wet

wrist taping are usually made of a clear, soft glue that can be used to protect or fix damaged skin. The skin tape itself is usually not waterproof, because its glue is usually water-based and will lose its viscosity due to the influence of water.

However, some strapping for carpal tunnel may add water repellants to improve their waterproof performance, so as to protect damaged skin when swimming, bathing or doing other water activities. Therefore, if you need kinesiology wrist tape with waterproof function, you can contact us in advance, our products can be customized

can you reuse wrist kinesiology tape

In general, wrist taping is reusable, but it depends on use

If the tape hasn’t been pulled and rubbed too much, stretched too much, or got a lot of dirt and grease during use, then you can try to clean it and use it again

In general, to ensure the best results, it is recommended to check the condition of the tape before each use to ensure that it is not frayed or damaged and that it fits tightly to the skin to ensure that the wrist kinesiology tape is always of good quality and effect

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