Use Kinesiology Tape Ankle To Reduce Foot Fatigue

If you want to know how to wrap ankle with kinesiology tape? You must know what is kinesiology tape ankle, how to choose kinesiology tape ankle?

What is kinesiology tape ankle

The kinesiology tape ankle is actually a muscle tape, which is cut into a fixed size and is specially suitable for wrapping the ankle, so we call it the kinesiology tape ankle, which has all the characteristics of the muscle tape. Breathable, sticky and soft, it is a tape suitable for skin use.

What is kinesiology tape ankle

How to choose kinesiology tape ankle?

There are many kinds of kinesiology tape ankles, one is pre-cut, most people call it pre-cut muscle tape, and the other is uncut, a whole roll, this is the ordinary kinesiology tape ankle.

So you should first choose the muscle stickers you need. Already cut or uncut. If you are using it outdoors or on the sports field, I suggest you choose a pre-cut one, because it can be used directly by tearing it off without cutting it. After all, it is very inconvenient to bring scissors on many occasions. Of course, if you don’t find it troublesome, you can also choose the one that has not been pre-cut, and the price will be slightly cheaper.

Use Kinesiology Tape Ankle To Reduce Foot Fatigue
Unprecut kinesiology tape

If you buy uncut muscle tape, you can also choose to buy our kinesiology tape scissors, which are very sharp, with rounded corners, and are more convenient to carry.

Use Kinesiology Tape Ankle To Reduce Foot Fatigue
kinesiology tape scissors
Use Kinesiology Tape Ankle To Reduce Foot Fatigue
kinesiology tape scissors sawtooth structure

After choosing the style of kinesiology tape ankle, you have to choose the material. There are generally three types of materials: the most common is pure cotton material. Pure cotton muscle tape is breathable, comfortable, and has a higher affinity for the skin, just like pure cotton. Like cotton clothes. The disadvantage is that long-term intense friction will cause fluffing, but this problem is not too big, because the ankle tape is usually not worn for a long time, and it is usually replaced with a new one after exercise, so it has no effect under normal circumstances.

The second material is rayon. This material has better gloss, looks more beautiful, and will not fluff. The air permeability is the same, and the waterproof effect is better. Therefore, rayon is usually a little more expensive.

The third type is made of nylon. The kinesiology tape made of nylon is softer and more delicate to the touch. It can be stretched in any direction, unlike rayon and cotton, which can only be stretched vertically but not horizontally. So nylon material is also the most expensive. The disadvantage is that because the stretching effect is too good and too soft, it is not easy to fix, it is not easy to position when used, and the support is not as good as the other two materials.

Use Kinesiology Tape Ankle To Reduce Foot Fatigue
cotton and rayon kinesiology tape
Use Kinesiology Tape Ankle To Reduce Foot Fatigue
nylon kinesiology tape

So besides the style and fabric material, what else should we pay attention to? That’s right, glue! !

The material of kinesiology tape ankle is very simple, it is divided into three parts, one is the base fabric, the base fabric is made of pure cotton or rayon with 5% spandex yarn, and the other material is glue.

Glue is also the most important material because it is in direct contact with the skin. Aupcon generally uses Japanese acrylic glue, German Henkel glue and uv glue. If you have lower requirements for kinesiology tape ankle and are more sensitive to price, we can also do it Provide domestic acrylic adhesive and hot melt adhesive.

There is no problem with the product itself, but it is used in different occasions. If your skin is more prone to allergies, it is recommended that you choose German Henkel glue and UV glue. Among them, UV glue has the lowest allergy, and it is a kind of Biological glue, the price will be relatively expensive. In addition, the kinesiology tape ankle using German Henkel glue is also a hypoallergenic tape, but its disadvantage is that its viscosity is slightly worse than that of acrylic glue.

If you have high requirements for adhesiveness, for example, if you are using it on some parts that are not easy to fix, then I suggest that you can choose Japanese acrylic glue tape, because its adhesiveness is the greatest and it is not easy to fall off.

At the same time, if you only use it for a short time and want to lower the price, you can choose hot melt adhesive. Although its viscosity is not good, it is cheap and suitable for short-term use.

In addition to the above factors, there is also the thickness of the tape, which also needs to be considered. The thickness of each manufacturer is different. Aupcon’s kinesiology tape ankle is divided into two types, one is thick and the other is thin. The thicker base fabric is thicker, the stitches are finer, the texture is better, the air permeability is slightly worse, and the price is a little more expensive; the thinner base fabric is thinner, the air permeability is better, the texture is slightly worse, and the price is relatively cheap.

How to wrap ankle with kinesiology tape?

Now that you know what kind of kinesiology tape ankle you want, how to wrap ankle with kinesiology tape? First let’s watch a video:

This is the easiest way to stick kinesiology tape ankle, it does not need to cut many strips, it only needs one strip to complete.
First you need to clean your feet and your ankles first, it is very necessary because it may affect the stickiness of the glue, if there is dirt or water or oil on the feet, then it will come off easily. So you need to wash and dry your feet before using it.

Step 2: If you have a pre-cut tape of suitable length, you can use it directly, but if you only have a normal whole roll of tape, you must first cut it to a suitable length, if you don’t know how long you need, you can Hold it against your ankle and then you need to fillet each corner, like this.

In the third step, you need to tear off the adhesive paper of the tape you have cut, and divide it into three sections. The two short sections of adhesive paper at both ends are for your convenience, so you can decide the length yourself, as long as your hands can Just hold it. If you don’t know how long it will be, you can just start tearing it from 5cm. Aupcon’s kinesiology tape ankle has a grid line on the back adhesive paper, a grid is 1cm, and there are 5 pieces. The grid is 5CM.

The fourth step is to stick the tape. You can choose any end to start, determine the position you want to stick, and then tear off the short backing tape at that end, stick the end with the backing tape on the skin, rub gently to ensure that the tape and the skin are completely fit. The starting point in the video is the position of the ankle bone, then wrap around the direction of the heel, return to the starting point, and then circle again. During the whole process, hold the tape with one hand, and gently rub the tape with the other hand to ensure that the tape can be stronger.

This is the simplest method of ankle sticking. The function of this sticking method is to fix the ankle and prevent ankle sprains. There are other posting methods, such as preventing inversion and valgus, etc. We will update them one after another, please pay attention to our website.

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