How do you tape your thighs with kinesiology tape thigh?

kinesiology tape thigh is an ultra-thin breathable tape with elasticity, which has different widths, colors and elasticity

Nowadays, people pay more attention to fitness activities, which are mainly aimed at exercising and enhancing their physical fitness, or at losing weight, exercising muscles, and so on. Different exercise methods and frequencies can have different impacts on different parts of our body. Our thighs are often the most vulnerable to injury. If our thighs are injured, we should consult a doctor as soon as possible to determine the severity of the injury and adopt the optimal treatment method. If you feel pain and swelling above the knee, the tissue connecting the quadriceps femoris muscle and the knee may be injured. This injury is sometimes called quadriceps femoris muscle tendinitis.

thigh perspective view

Quadriceps femoris muscle are the muscles covering the front of our entire thigh, including four major muscles: rectus femoris, lateral femoris, medial femoris and medial femoris. Their main function is to straighten our feet and maintain our upright posture. We must also use this muscle when running and jumping. When the repetitive stress on the quadriceps femoris muscle or the excessive stress is applied when the muscle is not adapted, the quadriceps femoris muscle will be affected by its force and produce contraction pain.A common thigh strain is excessive stretching caused by excessive use of leg muscles.

What is kinesiology tape thigh used for?

Let’s first understand the kinesiology tape thigh: kinesiology tape thigh is an ultra-thin breathable tape with elasticity, which has different widths, colors and elasticity. It can be cut into different shapes according to needs and applied to the skin, muscles, and joints that need treatment, such as arms, arms, thighs, calves, back, etc. Although the application area of the kinesiology tape thigh is different, its essential function is to help muscles and joints make positive adjustments, play a supporting and stabilizing role. kinesiology tape thigh generates pressure and tension on the skin, stimulates mechanoreceptor, and promotes blood and lymph circulation. The main positioning of kinesiology tape thigh is to apply kinesiology tape to the thigh area. 

kinesiology tape thigh

Should I apply kinesiology tape thigh myself?

If you have relevant experience,you can post it yourself,but if you do not have relevant experience, it is recommended to consult a professional for assistance.

How do you tape your thighs with kinesiology tape thigh?

Before starting to use, we first need to prepare kinesiology tape thigh and kinesiology tape scissors.At the same time, before use, ensure that the skin is clean and dry, and pay attention to body hair: avoid damage caused by removing the kinesiology tape thigh.

kinesiology tape thigh with scissors

Usually the tendinitis of quadriceps femoris muscle can pass through the long Y shape + Horizontal muscle patch completion.Of course, this is not the only option, we can make different choices based on specific actual situations.

how to cut kinesiology tape?

Step 1: First, choose a motor tape that is long enough to extend from the middle of our thighs to the top of our shins. Use scissors to cut one end of the kinesiology tape longitudinally along the center of the tape, dividing it into two equal “tails”. Separate along half of the tape. Then use scissors to round all three ends of the tape.

Step 2: Bend the knee 90 degrees and place the unopened end of the kinesiology tape in the center of the front of the thigh. Apply kinesiology tape without any stretching. The starting point of the split must be above the knee bone

Step 3: Unfold the forked end of the kinesiology tape around the knee bone. Pull each piece of tape off both sides of the knee bone and wrap it underneath the knee bone. Again, apply the tape without stretching. The ends of the two forks should intersect in the soft area below the knee bone

Step 4: Finally, rub the kinsiology tape with your hand to light pressure it and activate the adhesive

Where to get kinesiology tape thigh?

kinesiology tape thigh are now very common,and there are many different brands and manufacturers. You can often see people using it in different scenarios.We usually have many channels to purchase, including offline channels such as hospitals, fitness centers, supermarkets, and physical therapy stores; Online purchase can be made on online platforms, such as Amazon, WalMart, Alibaba, etc. However, if you do not know the industry, you should identify professional manufacturers or suppliers, such as Aupcon Medical, which is a brand manufacturer focusing on kinesiology tape, with strict quality control, good industry reputation and good customer reputation. If you are interested, you can learn and try it out~

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