How to apply kinesiology tape for neck pain?

kinesiology tape for neck pain is a kind of tape that can make the neck comfortable. It can make your neck feel less painful after working with your head down or up for a long time.

Nowadays, people often sit in front of the computer for long periods of time to work, and on weekends, they also socialize and play mobile games on the computer to relax the pressure of work. However, such prolonged sitting often makes our neck feel sore. This is because we keep our neck in a fixed and single position for a long time, causing our neck muscles to be in a tense state and causing pain.

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What is neck pain

The neck pain usually refers to pain in our neck ligaments and muscles.There are usually several reasons for neck pain:

1. Poor sleeping posture

2. Neck injury or trauma

3. Long term activities that force you to stretch your neck

4. Sitting in front of the computer for a long time or playing with your phone with your head down

Office workers are particularly prone to neck pain due to prolonged sitting in front of a computer and poor posture such as leaning forward or hunching down.

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What is kinesiology tape for neck pain made of?

Let’s get to know the kinesiology tape for neck pain: kinesiology tape for neck pain is an ultra-thin breathable tape with elasticity, which has different widths, colors and elasticity. It is actually a functional adhesive tape, usually composed of non-woven fabric and glue, and it is not a drug. It has good elasticity, making it easier for us to stretch during fitting. In addition, it also has waterproof and breathable properties, which will not cause skin allergies.

kinesiology tape for neck
What is kinesiology tape for neck pain made of?

Does kinesiology tape work for neck pain?

The kinesiology tape for neck pain can be cut into different shapes as needed and applied to the skin, muscles, and joints that require treatment. Although functional tape can be applied in different areas, its essential function is to help muscles and joints make positive adjustments, play a supporting and stabilizing role. kinesiology tape for neck pain generates pressure and tension on the skin, stimulates mechanoreceptor, and promotes blood and lymph circulation.

kinesiology tape for neck

How to apply kinesiology tape for neck pain?

Before starting to use, we first need to prepare kinesiology tape for neck pain and kinesiology tape scissors. At the same time, before use, ensure that the skin is clean and dry,pay attention to leg hair to avoid damage.

1. Measure a muscle patch from the upper back to the hairline of the neck.

2. Cut the muscle patch strip in half along the center, cut it into a Y-shape, and leave a small section at the bottom.

3. Tilt the two forked ends towards the neck left and right to stretch the muscles and gently fit them together

4. Take a small piece of tape, cut it into the shape of a lantern as shown in the picture below, and stick it horizontally on the first tape.

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Is it okay to sleep with kinesiology tape for neck pain?

The muscle tape neck is usually maintained for an average of 3-4 days. Because it adheres to the skin, there is no need to worry about falling off. If you feel uncomfortable when sleeping, you can peel off the muscle tape neck, but be careful to pull and peel along the direction of the hair, not against the direction. This can reduce pain and reduce the risk of hair loss.

Should I apply muscle tape neck myself?

If you have relevant experience, you can post it yourself, but if you do not have relevant experience, it is recommended to consult a professional for assistance.

Who sells kinesiology tape for neck pain?

muscle tape neck is now very common.You can often see people using it in different scenarios. And there are many different brands and manufacturers.We also have many channels to purchase, including offline channels such as hospitals, fitness centers, supermarkets, and physical therapy stores; Online purchase can be made on online platforms, such as Amazon, WalMart, Alibaba, etc. However, if you do not know about the industry, you should identify professional manufacturers or suppliers, such as Aupcon, which is a brand manufacturer focusing on muscle tape neck, with strict quality control, good industry reputation and good customer reputation. If you are interested, you can You can take a look and try to understand~

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