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Best kinesiology tape is a stretchy, sticky cotton tape that is applied to the skin to provide light support and facilitate movement. This helps relieve pain and reduce swelling.

The real beauty of Kinesiology Tape is its ability to touch the surface of your body like a hand, soothing your aching body. Once applied, it lasts up to 5 days to provide support and comfort.

Which is best kinesiology tape?

All kinematic tapes are similar. Not too technical, just some details. For example, whether the elasticity of some patches is good; whether some cuts are neat, whether there are thread ends; what kind of glue is used for glue, different glues have different viscosities; what kind of material is used, etc. Each factory has certain differences, you can refer to the product comparison of wemade to know. Our kinesiology tape has a tensile strength of 120%-150%. All products have been strictly inspected and the quality is guaranteed. There will be no uneven cuts, thread ends, poor viscosity, etc.

After choosing the right brand, how to judge which Kinesiology Tape to choose?

First of all, we must understand what affects the use of kinesiology tape. Yes, apart from product quality, it is the sticking technique!

What is Taping Technology?

Taping technology refers to a medical treatment technology that sticks muscle performance patches to the surface of human skin according to certain technical requirements, and exerts its efficacy by virtue of its elastic retraction.

The function and efficacy of Kinesiology Tape largely depends on the best kinesiology tape sticking technology. When sticking, the position of Kinesiology Tape, limb position, cutting shape, starting point (also called anchor point), stretching degree, etc. should be fully considered. , and factors such as single-layer or multi-layer pasting.

Different combinations of sticking techniques and shapes are different, and their functions and effects are also different.

What are the best shapes of kinesiology tape?

According to the purpose of taping and the anatomical characteristics of the taping site, Kinesiology Tape has a variety of cutting methods. The commonly used sticking shapes are “I”, “Y”, “X”, “O”, “claw”, “lantern” and “compound” Cut at will, different shapes of Kinesiology Tape have different usage methods and effects.

kinesiology tape
kinesiology tape

The cutting method of the first few shapes is simple, but the “claw” shape, “lantern” shape, and “composite shape” shape are more difficult. The cutting is not careful enough, and the two sides will separate from the skin after being taped, and it will be very uncomfortable during running. . Be very careful when taping, otherwise the effect of Kinesiology Tape will be counterproductive. Instead of helping the person to be taped, it will become a burden.

This kind of best kinesiology tape must be equipped with special scissors. The usual scissors cutting will be very troublesome, so remember not to forget the scissors with the best kinesiology tape, just like forgetting to bring a gun on the battlefield.

Now there is a pre-cut kinesiology tape on the market. Compared with the above-mentioned cut kinesiology tape, it can save a lot of time for athletes to cut a suitable shape, and it is easy to carry. According to your own needs, you can choose the desired shape and stick it, so that even beginners can easily get started.

The pre-cut Beat kinesiology tape launched by Aupcon is a good choice. Whether it is the “cloth” on the upper layer of Kinesiology Tape itself or the “glue” on the lower layer that sticks to the skin, they are all designed according to biomechanics and physiological mechanisms.

Knees, thighs and other parts are the most vulnerable parts for runners, so WEMADE specially designed the pre cut Kinesiology Tape. The sticking is convenient and saves the cutting procedure, and it is very firm after sticking, and there will be no detachment during running.

There is no need to cut and stick it directly, which saves a lot of trouble for amateur runners, and it is easy to carry and stick it at any time. After arriving at the training ground with the pre cut best kinesiology tape, it can be taped, which saves a lot of time.

Therefore, through this article, you should be able to understand that there is no one 100% best skin patch. The actual use effect is determined by many factors, such as the brand, product quality, and most importantly, the sticking technique. So no one is the best kinesiology tape, just choose the one that suits you.

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