Use kinesiology tape for heel pain to Relieve Heel Pain

kinesiology tape for heel is useful, kinesiology tape for heel is an elastic tape that can be used to treat sports injuries and some other diseases, and it has been widely used in the field of sports medicine and rehabilitation medicine. In daily life and in major sports events, many well-known athletes are frequent users of kinesiology tape for heel, because as long as they exercise a lot and do not pay attention to protection, the problem of heel pain will come out.

So now, sports enthusiasts are gradually realizing the efficacy of kinesiology tape for heel, and the use of kinesiology tape for heel is becoming popular. The resilience of the patch can be used to lift the skin to produce folds after pasting, increase the gap between the skin and the subcutaneous tissue, and then affect the flow direction of the subcutaneous fascia tissue, so that the fascia system can have sufficient permeability and circulation , Promote lymphatic and blood circulation. kinesiology tape for heel can also relieve muscle tension and relax local tendons, as long as the correct scientific method is used, it can effectively prevent and relieve the impact of heel pain.

kinesiology tape for heel

What are the causes of heel pain?

Heel pain is a typical symptom of plantar fasciitis. Clinically, the pain conditions can be subdivided into the following categories: pain after pressing on the heel. The membrane is a fan-shaped fascia tissue that extends from the root of the toe to the inside of the heel. When we walk or stand, the feet need to bear the weight of the whole body. At this time, the plantar fascia will provide part of the torsion and elasticity and absorb the reaction force of the ground. If you overuse for a long time (such as running a marathon), or wear inappropriate shoes, it is easy to cause inflammation and pain of the plantar fascia, which is the cause of plantar fasciitis.

What tape is best for heel pain?

kinesiology tape for heel can effectively relieve heel pain. The typical symptom is heel pain in the first few steps after getting out of bed in the morning, sitting or standing for a long time, but after sitting down for a rest or walking for a period of time, the pain will gradually lighten. However, if you continue to stand for a long time or walk too much, the pain will intensify again. The pain is located on the inner side of the heel, and there will be obvious tenderness points when pressed.

Plantar fasciitis is more likely to occur in people who need to stand and walk for a long time, such as: teachers, soldiers, athletes, catering operators, hairdressers and factory workers, etc.; or abnormal foot structures, such as: flat feet, high arches or People with short plantar fascia. Once plantar fasciitis occurs, the most important thing is to rest more and avoid standing and walking for a long time. Therefore, the use of kinesiology tape for heel can relieve the tension of the plantar fascia and relieve pain in a timely manner. Combined with foot stretching and appropriate hot compresses, you can get rid of this annoying pain as soon as possible!how to apply

kinesiology tape for heel

kinesiology tape for heel pain

1. Choose a piece of kinesiology tape for heel

, and then cut it into the desired shape: cut into the shape of four claws, leave 1 square uncut. Patch width: 5 cm (original width). Patch length: about 4 to 4.5 grids.

2. Choose another kinesiology tape for heel

 and cut it into the desired shape: I shape. Patch width: 5 cm (original width). Patch length: about 3 to 3.5 grids.

Step 1: Measure the length from the root of the toe to the heel, and adjust the length of the kinesiology tape for heel.

Step 2: Lift the heel as far as possible, and attach the fixed end of the kinesiology tape for heel to the heel without tension.

Step 3: Attach the kinesiology tape for heel to the toes with moderate tension, and stick the end of the patch to the base of the toes without tension, and stick it along the soles of the feet in sequence.

Step 4: Lift the heel up, stretch and fix the middle part of the kinesiology tape for heel on the arch of the foot. The rest of the kinesiology tape for heel is applied from the sides to the instep with natural tension.

where can i find kinesiology tape

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